Casual Dress

Courtney VanCal


Maid of Light



Screen Name


Typing Style

Adds <3 to the end of every message.


Green Pumpkin

Fetch Modus


Strife Specibus


Sburb Session


Be a beautiful rower.Edit

Your name is Courtney VanCal. You are a rowing Coxwain, and you enjoy reading, writing, and are pretty good at science, if you do say so yourself.

You are also the tech person for a band. You run the soundboard, and etc.

You kinda have a crush on your close friend canatorApollo, and you think he might like you back, but since you are shy, neither of you have brought it up.

Examine your room.Edit

Its pretty average. A desk for writing/using your laptop. A bed. Not much else.

Examine abilities.Edit

Ccourtney God Tier

Maid of LIght

As the Maid of Light, you have the abilties of one who allows others to be protected by light/one who protects light. You don't know the full extent of your powers, but you will do whatever you can to protect your friends, and stop evil. 

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