Calysa Omicra




Hey, kid. Looking to buy or sell?


Thief of Hope

Screen Name


Typing Style

Talks in circles, uses sailing puns, precedes text with anchor symbol.



Strife Specibi



Gullmom (Lusus)

Casina Rubare (Moirail)

Your name is CALYSA OMICRA, and you don't have time for this BULLSHIT.


Why not.

You are CALYSA OMICRA, TRADER OF THE HIGH SEAS. You are of a HIGH BLOOD CASTE, but you don't really care for that. If it were up to you, social status would be decided by MONEY, because money is all that really matters.

You travel the seas in your HIVEBOAT, seeking POTENTIAL BUYERS AND SELLERS of your often ILLEGALLY OBTAINED GOODS. Your prices are just as criminal. You've been all over Alternia's oceans, but not everywhere. You hope one day to SEE ALL THE WORLD. Or at least, it's WATERWAYS.

Aside from TRADING and STEALING, your interests also include MONEY (as is obvious), EXPENSIVE CLOTHING, FLYING ON YOUR LUSUS, and BREAKING HEARTS. You hate any and all forms of ROMANCE, but you are kind of a conniving bitch, and love MESSING WITH PEOPLES QUADRANTS. Regardless, you have a MOIRAIL. You mess with her as well.

The aforementioned BULLSHIT you don't have time for encompasses PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING. You are a very pessimistic person, and you like it that way. You solve your problems with yous trusty ANCHORKIND, and tend to swing it while screaming and riding your majestic SEAGULL LUSUS.

Your trolltag is nebulousTrader and o|-> you talk in circles and dockasionally use a sailing pun.


Calysa is cold-hearted and does not have any patience, except when dealing. She's greedy, and does whatever she can to get more and more money. She doesn't do anything that doesn't benefit her, and often tries to cheat when she's losing at something. She is surly and pessimistic, seeing the bad side of almost everything, and is most irritable around people she's not trading with.

She does have 'friends' whom she constantly plays with, leading them to believe she has good intentions, when all she's really doing is screwing with their personal lives and making them miserable. One of these friends includes her moirail. They're none the wiser, however.

Calysa tries to be kind at times, but these times are when she is most desperate. They're very far and few in between, but those who see her compassionate side are a lot less likely to be tormented by her.

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