Primrose Areglia
"-'m pretty sure - never sa-d ok - did now shut up."



Typing Quirk:

Doesn't type the letter I.


A flower.

Fetch Modus:

Password Modus.

Strife Specibus



Light green. #2ed73a


Drillflower (actual title Flare)


Plantbeast. Disappeared when she was still a grub.

SGRUB Session


Knight of Space


Land of Storms and Ships (LOSAS)




Borderline Gadabout/Blessed Guardian


Plantbeast lusus, alchemiter

Server player:

Attilia Typhonik (unstableEnforcement)

Client player:

Daedalus Teslavol(triumphantMechanism)

Be the emo one. Edit

Hey! You're not emo, you just have low self esteem. But what's your name? Let's find out.

Your name is PRIMROSE AREGLIA. You CANNOT STAND YOURSELF. From your freakish drill horns to your ugly face, you just SUCK. Or at least that's what YOU think. Everyone is quick to correct you, but you know they are only LYING TO CHEER YOU UP. And it usually works. You take an interest in PLANTS, and they are EVERYWHERE in your hive. Your trolltag is negativeOptimist, and you refuse to type the letter -. Your qu-rk -s pretty stup-d.

Examine room. Edit

Your room is designed for COMFORT! And you succeeded. The entire bedroom is comfortable. Your bed, your beanbag chair, your couch, the list goes on and on. But you always feel like you could have done a little better on it.

Set Fetch Modus. Edit

You use the Password Modus. Ever time you captchalogue an item, the sylladex gives you a password. When you want the item, just say the password.

Allocate Strife Specibus. Edit

You have allocated your Specibus with the MACHINEGUNKIND, which you love. You also added DRILLKIND as a backup, in case you lose your weapons, but more on the drills later.

Do something awesome. Edit

You aren't sure if the universe will allow you to do something awesome.

Do something ridiculous. Edit

Everything you do is ridiculous.

Examine self. Edit

You'd honestly rather not, but whatever. You'll give a quick rundown. Your clothes, which you made yourself, are slightly too small. Your skin is too light a shade of grey. Your blood is garish and bright. You are too tall. Your ponytail looks moronic. Your wings are a horrible color. You suck at flying. And your least favorite thing: your horns. They belong on Attilia, not you. You'd give anything for Daedalus's horns. Yours extend down your back and end in the middle of your arm, at which point they bend outward in a ninety degree angle. They end in a conical tip. That wouldn't be so bad, except you can make the cones spin, really fast. That's right, your horns are freaking drills. And you hate them.

Examine abilities. Edit


Your horns are drills.


You seem to have something of a calming effect on people when you walk into the room. You aren't sure what this means, or if it can be controlled somehow.

Examine ChumpRoll. Edit

- don't know how they put up with me.

invisibleTerrarium Sl-ghtly wh-ny, but n-ce enough.

exiledTomato - th-nk - sort of l-ke h-m...

triumphantMechanism Ugh. So. Done. W-th. H-m.

unstableEnforcement ....

subtleArithmetic Th-s g-rl -s MESSED. UP.

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