==Be that mysterious looking troll.                                                                          

Postre Movizz
YΩu killed my lusus, and nΩw, I'm

getting my revenge.


Prince of Doom


6 sweeps (13 earth years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

perfect grammar, replaces o's with Ω "SΩ sentences lΩΩk like this."


The Omega Symbol (Ω)

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Itunes modus

Lives in

Somewhere underground l


Land of Skulls and Lightning


Gargoyles, Hybrid weaponry, HARDCORE pranks


Death, rushing things, most other trolls


Uh, nΩ, I dΩn't think sΩ.

You cannot be this troll right now because he is disguising himself in a shroud of darkness. You can't see him, and he isn't there. If you wish to be this troll that badly, you could just wait a little bit for the shade to change.

Wait a bit.Edit

You have waited a total of about six hours just to be this troll. Damn, you must really like him a lot!

Be the mysterious troll, NOW.Edit


Your name is Postre Movizz. You like to think of yourself as an all around good troll, but you never let anyone know, because you like to be MYSTERIOUS. You are a BLUE BLOOD who (under normal circumstances) would be part of the HIGH BLOODED caste. However, nobody seems to know you EXIST.

You're not really sure why nobody knows who you are, but you think it has to do with the fact that you live UNDERGROUND. Your LUSUS, TORTOISEFATHER, dug a giant hole, and shoved your CASTLE-HIVE into it. You like TORTOISEFATHER, but gee wiz, could he maybe have picked a more prominent place for your CASTLE?   TORTOISEFATHER dwells underneath the castle, keeping it from collapsing. you visit him from time to time and use his nigh INVINCIBLE shell to train with.

You are extrememly PARANOID about death and your inevitable end that for the better part of the last 2 sweeps you've been training really hard to make DEATH through combat almost impossible. You carry the legendary Spirit of Indiana, a whip that has 2 AXE BLADES attached to the end.

Your trolltag is neuralNecromancer and you "tend to make any o's into Ω."

Prance about the battlements.Edit


Fine. Do a manly strut around the battlements.Edit

As you STRUT, you take time to look at all of your BEUTEOUS gargoyles. If you had any FRIENDS, you'd make them the GARRISON. But since the only troll you know of that lives in the SUBTERRAINIAN is you, there are no friends to be had. Instead you made these stone BITCHES to keep you company.  Dem stony expressions are really deep.

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