Eaglei symbol
Eaglei Aquila


Eaglei dream

Eaglei god

=!= FeVeNA!!! Stop ACtIng liKe tHE boSS! YOU rUined ME! yoU RuInEd EVEryBODy =!=


Rogue of Breath


7 Sweeps (15 Earth Years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

 Uppercases letters randomly, begins and finishes sentences by adding =!= (which mirrors his symbol)


Stylized eagle

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Breath (every item is capthalogued as a breath, to retrieve it you have to blow on the fetch, each item as a different breath intensity, the most important ones need to be blowed more than the less important ones)


Lusus: Sparrow (Eagle-like flyingbeast creature)

Crowly Aquila: Dancestor

The Shadower: Ancestor

Fevena Zaturo: Ex Kismesis

Sirinx Saturn & Enesta Varata: Chat-mates

The Blue Eagles: EX-FLARP Squad


Listening to people, Humbleness, Remembering FLARP sessions


 Fevena, Douchebags


 The One


Be the Brain Damaged Troll

=!= WhaT diD yOU JusT SaiD?! =!=

OH sorry i mean... be the "special" troll.

Your name is EAGLEI AQUILA, and you are a douchebag BLUE BLOOD troll, well at least people think that but in reality you are an HUMBLE troll, but SOME people like your EX-Kismesis seem to don't understand it and this brought to some EVENTS that you prefer to forget, or at least you try to FORGET.

While you are not doing anything you like to sit and REMEMBER the old FLARP sessions you joined with your SQUAD.... The Blue Eagles... you were so GREAT but after your ACCIDENT you had to separate from them, another thing you LIKE to do is LISTENING to people, like your CHAT-MATES for example, you could LISTEN to them for HOURS.

Your ScreenName is neurologicalDamage, what are you gonna do?


Write a third person summary of your Troll's personality here.


Write a bit here about your Troll's life before their game session.


Write something here about what happened in your Troll's session/what their role was.


  • Eaglei comes from "eagle", this is linked to his symbol... same for Aquila which means "eagle" in Italian
  • As the other ones, the God Tier Title was random at the begin but in fact is linked to his name and his lusus.

Special thanks to LunarSplendens for the Sprite tweaking

Gallery Edit

  • His original sprite

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