{{Infobox Homestuck Character

|scratch              = 

|name = Gloust Ipulst
|symbol =
|symbol2 = |complex =

|caption =  I'm not sure if ye are aware of how much of a pisspot ye are bein' right now.'

|screenname = narrowConductor}
Gloust Ipulst, though more commonly known as "boatprick" or his Trollian handle, narrowConductor, is a cocky seadweller pirate who can't swim. The first few sweeps of his life, he lived on a beach, his lusus caring for him from a distance. Gloust's interests include pirate ships , sea shanties, getting into unnecessary brawls, drinking himself stupid and stealing things. He also enjoys the company of his captain and crewmates, for they've been caring for him ever since his lusus was slaughtered. His ancestor is not yet none. ==Personality and Traits== wip


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