Moon symbol
Arciti Triliz

Arciti homestuck

dId AnyOnE ElsE hEAr thAt? ;;; jUst mE? OkAy;


Seer of Doom


8 solar sweeps (roughly 17 Earth years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

cApItAlIzE thE vOwEls, lOwErcAsE thE cOnsOnAnts, And rEplAcE pErIOds wIth A sEmI-cOlOn;

Strife Specibi


==> Enter your name.Edit

Your name is ARCITI TRILIZ.

You like to TRAVEL all around, but you are more inspired to at NIGHT. Otherwise, you are unbelievably LAZY.

Your trolltag is nirvanicGealach and yOU cApItAlIzE yOUr vOwEls wIthOUt A cArE And yOU End yOUr sEntEncEs wIth A sEmI-cOlOn; whEn ExprEssIng sOmEthIng, Or AskIng A qUEstIOn, Etc, yOU'll UsE thE cOrrEct pUnctUAtIOns; yOU knOw?!

What will you do?

==> View your ancestor.Edit

The Besetene
The Besetene is the Ancestor of Arciti Triliz and the post-scratch incarnation of Hazeal Triliz.

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