Andros Zepher

Andros (totalypluto)

Dream androskhjhvkk

God Tier andros

Yeqh, it's me.


Heir of rage


7 Alternian solar sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces "a"s with "q"s becquse thqt's how he rolls.



Strife Specibi


Be the awesome trollEdit

Your name is Andros Zepher.

Not the windy Zepher but you get the idea. You're a very skilled assassin getting Your kicks killing idiots who get in your way, at least if the DID get in your way. This is because you are quite deadly. Now everyone is either scared of you or they just plain hate you. This is probably why Cronos accepted you to join the legion.

As much as you try to convince people you're not crazy, you cannot seem to get anyone to listen to you. You're too stubborn to give it up though.

Although it seems that you are nothing compared to when Veries, Femnkh and Hersel, the cult of the unnamed cherub attack all of the trolls. you manage to fend them off but not without the death of your moiraill Cronus and the badly wounding of Forsyh. and Femnkh setting somewhat setting the cherub free. you quickly take Cronos to derse where he ascends to God tier. While Forsyh heads for prospit. then you slowly stumble over to your quest cocoon, also ascending to god tier. Your lusus is a 3 headed dog each with multiple personalities. But has long past in an extreme fire caused by Veries.

Your trolltag is NocturnalNightingale.

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