Camzot Mactus
Let me siiing you the sooong of my peeeople~!


7 solar sweeps



Typing Style

Extends vowels in a rythmic pattern, uses ~ instead of - and in front of !


Azure (#007FFF, RGB 0, 127, 255)


Skeletal wing

Strife Specibi



Vocal Modus (each item is randomly assigned a sequence of tones that must be hummed/sang for access)

SGRUB Session


Bard of Hope


Dream Self




Team Position





An oversized bat





>Be the bothersome minstrelEdit

Your name is CAMZOT MACTUS.

You are a conniseur of PASSIONATE BALLADS singing of GLORIOUS TALES OF YORE. You have quite the collection of SHEET MUSIC dedicated to telling the stories of the COURAGEOUS TRIUMPHS of brave noblemen and royalty, but your favourites are of their COURAGEOUS DEATHS.

You are a fan of PIN UP PHOTOGRAPHY, and in your free time when you are not studying your ballads, you enjoy POSING FOR ADORABLE IMAGES. You wish you could find more people to pose for you, but you tend to MAKE DO BY YOURSELF. You’ll always have hope, though.

You have gained many odd habits from your batty lusus, not in the least HANGING FROM RAFTERS, which often leads to INJURY AND EMBARASSMENT. Her diet has also led you to enjoy EATING GRUB-BASED DELICACIES, which is MILDLY DISTURBING.

Your trolltag is nocturnalSerenade and yooou speeeak with an exciiited siiing~sooong~!


[i]to be filled in[/i]


Her lusus is a California Leaf-nosed Bat (Macrotus californicus) approximately the size of a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He was given the name Tybalt after Camzot read some dusty tome she acquired about the star-crossed romance of a seadweller girl and a rustblood boy, ending in the tragic deaths of both parties. He is a generally calm creature, but eats massive amounts of insects every evening, leading to journeying into caves for the consumption of grubs.


Camzot lives in a large, castle-like structure, littered with various collections of books, instruments, and photography studios. It also includes a large chamber covering two floors with rafters upon the ceiling and soft dirt upon the floor, so as to practice hanging (and falling, hopefully painlessly. There is also a large concert hall, featuring many seats that are never filled pointed towards a piano Camzot cannot play.


Tumblr lta7a6KaAF1qco3ybo1 250

Camzot's talksprite "in game"

In canon, as far as anyone is concerned, she was never in a session. She died when all the other trolls died. Ever so sad.

However, in one individual parallel universe, otherwise known as forum user joaniedark's Gamma World game, she becomes the Bard of Hope in a nine-user session, in which she chronicles events in the style of her epic tales.

Story ThusfarEdit

Camzot feels little interest in the idea of playing the game other than the sheer idea of recording the adventures she and her comrades partook in for the sake of imitating the great poets of the past. She however has not even located her missing game disks.

More info will be added as her session continues.

Character ConceptEdit

Camzot's character is basically if Sir Robin's Minstrels and Bettie Page had a baby. A sexy baby. Her name comes from the Mayan death god Camazotz and a genus of bat

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