Ursa Minor
Priuna Cantus
Heart crimson


Priuna Dream

Priuna God Tier

Don't even fucking try to piss me off tod@y. You're Being unBE@R@Ble


Heir of Heart


7 Solar Sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces "a" with "@", capitalizes all b's. Makes bear puns a lot. When he's excited or angry he roars on occasion. When he gets the Gift of Gab, he develops a lisp and replaces "s" with "3" to represent his love of the triforce.


Ursa Minor

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Treble Base
Each item has a 6-note sequence that must be played to retrieve the item. Intruments are exempt from this rule to prevent complete lockdown of your modus.


The Composer (Knight of Mind)
Aestas Cantus (Sylph of Mind) - Dancestor
Columb Ruitem ((astralHashtag)) - Moirail


Land of Sound and Seasons

==> Be the musical oneEdit

Your name is Pruina Cantus.

You are currently 7 sweeps of age.

Your hive is situated deep in the woods, in the tallest tree. You have an unusual obsession with red, decorating your hive with it all over. Your lusus is just a simple bear, whom you affectionately nicknamed Beardad. You also have a love for honey, but not the mind variety, however you are allergic to bees.

Your affinity for red is unusual, for your blood caste, but you don't really care, considering most trolls seem to hate you anyway, because of a social disorder you have.

During social interaction, you have urges to literally copy anyone you're around. And by copy you mean style, attitude, quirks, everything. It usually gets annoying to the other person at some point, which eventually ends your attempted moiraillegience with them.

Thanks to your love of music, usually this doesn't get to you as much as people think it does. Besides, you'd much prefer blackrom any day. Hate was the only emotion you were capable of, or at least that's what you believed.

As mentioned earlier, you have Cerulean blood. You are the descendant of The Composer, who probably taught you everything you know about music, which is a hell of a lot. You also love video games, and running your help blog, where you try to help other trolls with any issues they might have.

You rule over the Land of Sound and Seasons and your consorts are bears, as fitting for your affinity for the creatures. You don the title "Heir of Heart" and as such, you are consumed by emotions.

You use the Strife Specubi FluteKIND. You use your flute to both fire darts at your enemies,as well as clonking them over the head a lot.

Your trolltag is notedTragedy and you "Spe@k in @ very formal m@nner." However, when you speak in real life you "3eem to develop @ li3p."

You store all your items in your Treble Base modus, that locks certain items with a certain string of notes. As well as this, to prevent you getting locked out of your modus, it automatically leaves music-related items unlocked.

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