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¢ut the ¢rap. you are here for a rea$on.

Screen Name


Typing Style

Uses ¢ instead of "c"s ,$ instead of "s" and £ instead of "l" after getting his eye cut. Does not capitalize. Ex: ¢ome, $hithead! we are £ate ar£eady!


Ancient Idol

Strife Specibi


Be the manky-eyed troll.Edit

Your name is Vantii Auxilm. You are that kind of guy that don't really gives a crap about what people think about you. You only care about your real friends. You enjoy BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF STUPID PEOPLE. You tend to TALK MUCH in critical situations.

You live in the region of Triamilia. This region is all surrounded in the numbers 8 and 2.

You are mostly calm, altough when something makes you angry, it makes you REALLY ANGRY. Your collection of Sci-fi books is pretty big. But your horror statues collection in your basement is bigger. You enjoy looking at those stone-carved ugly monsters. Dark stuff makes you happy. You are a pretty weird guy, huh?

And people don't want to see you angry. Oh, things go bad when that happen.

You have a SCAR on your left eye, and your eye is more dark colored, showing that blood made it look different. In fact, that makes you kinda neat. It was caused in a fight with Galius. 

Your Matesprit at the moment is Gallius Danten.

Your Moirail is Nelani Terone.

Konkre Mortes is trying to be your Kismesis, altough you don't give a single crap about him.

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