Brigit sign
Brigit Gramon


Gt brigit

You stupid!!!!!


Bridge, Canasta


Mage of Rage

Screen Name


Typing Style

Rude, poor english, more french


infiniteEcho - Future body-possessor


Land of Canyons and Melodies


Brigit appears in a dream bubble as a projection. Lalene found out about her identity since she was possessing Brigit's Body. But actually she trolled her a while ago, while Lalene was trolling her Matesprit Enheid for sharing some informations about the central tower which suddenly appeared.

Brigit acts very rude and insultive, she can't speak/type english very well but writes/speaks more french. Also she used the same typing color as Proto!Lalene due their similiarity of their bloodcolor.

She was supposed to be the Mage of Rage- after Lalene got her body, it changed and adjusted to Lalene.

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