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Nick of Pride



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Typing Style

Changes "n" to "^", "o" to "*", "s" to "$" and "e" to "£". No capitalisation. Uses apostrophes but no other punctuation.



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Roua Vardjas - Bully

Cles Policie - Client Player

Vara Pushter - Server Player

Doc Magic - Guardian


Land of Rock and Rainbows

Eber Magic, also known by his Chum handle, olfactoryReduction, is a human living on Earth. His handle refers to his large nose, which is a basis for much of the bullying that Roua afflicts on him.


The name "Rasa" comes from "rasa bangga" which is Indonesian for pride.

"Magicus" is Latin for "magic" and relates to Rasa's guardian's occupation as Doc Magic.


Rasa is very insecure about many things, not least of which are his incredibly large nose and his "awkward" surname. Roua strengthens his annoyances by constantly ridiculing them. The two have a very strained relationship, which eventually culminates in the two dating after Rasa "regains his pride" as a God Tier.

To Roua's credit, Rasa is actually an incredibly annoying teen. He constantly bemoans his sources of embarrassment to anyone who will listen, and hardly ever handles a problem on his own, always needing Umid or another one of his friends to help him.

When not attempting to avoid Roua or moaning to his friends, Rasa unsurprisingly enjoys magic. Due to his guardian being a magician, Rasa knows many magic tricks (both using real magic and fake magic). He enjoys practicing them, and media involving magic, such as Harry Potter.

His username is olfactoryReduction, and he believes that he typ£$ i^ a pr£tty ^*rmal way d£$pit£ hi$ ma^y i^$£curiti£$

Mythological RoleEdit

As the Nick of Pride, Rasa doesn't really contribute much to his teammates. His title refers to how Roua's bullying has, over the years, severely damaged Rasa's self-image and pride in himself. The game basically wants him to take his Pride back, so that he may be more confident and help his teammates to win.

Unfortunately, when he does become God Tier, he gains an ego to rival Mecazi's.


The Land of Rock and Rainbows is a land filled with colourful rocky outcroppings. The land should have been host to Whiptail consorts, but the Denizen sent an army of peacocks to kill them all. The peacocks have since settled down and become quite docile, much to Aedos's dismay.

Rasa's quest involved defeating the peacocks and stealing the Pride Rock from Aedos, and moving it to Rainbow's End so that he could God Tier.

Fetch ModusEdit

Rasa's Fetch Modus is the Mirror. The Modus is very simple to use, operating like an Array Modus. However, the catch is that what comes out is not the same as what goes in. How different the resulting item to the original is depends on the value of the original item. For example, the Cruxite Artifact was left unchanged, whereas the Nails that Rasa captchalogued became Vials of Scorpion Venom.

Strife SpecibusEdit

Due to his love of magic, Rasa uses the Wandkind Strife Specibus. He used it in tricks on stage with Doc Magic, and his first wand was confirmed to be really magical. His ultimate wand is the Elder Wand, which is from Harry Potter.


  • After ascending to God Tier, Eber acts very cocky and overconfident, which is almost the opposite of how he acted before.
  • Roua's hacking skills prevent Rasa from blocking her or creating a new handle to stop her from contacting him. It is hinted that her latent Blood powers enable her to do this.
  • The relationship between Roua and Rasa has been called a form of "human kismessisitude" by the trolls, specifically Vhodny and Kyluat.

Hand of Time Time
Panzer Symbol Zeleni Panzer

Sheikh of Life Life
16px Joyeux Tangan

Waste of Tears Othutearsclear
16px Sangue Eczaci

Maid of Rage Rage
16px Mecazi Manken

Knight of Land Othulandclear
16px Omamny Recnik

Sylph of Code Othucodeclear
16px Kercim Zyrtar

Star of Light Light
Vylohy Symbol Vhodny Vylohy

Scout of Space Space
16px Visuty Pilger

Knave of Sound Othusoundclear
16px Bulbul Biduan

Mage of Shade Othushadeclear
16px Kyluat Mignon


Heir of Time Time
16px Kohe Warithi

Priest of Space Space
16px Vend Katolsk

Dean of Hope Hope
16px Umid Dekanus

Smith of Forge Forge by Zobe
16px Paja Demirci

Thief of Breath Breath
16px Kare Keancap

Sleuth of Keys Othukeysclear
16px Cles Policie

Nick of Pride Pride by Zobe
16px Rasa Magicus

Bitch of Might 16px
16px Vara Bushter

Page of Wealth 16px
16px Luxo Piccolo

Douche of Blood Blood
16px Roua Vardjas


Lord of Doom Doom
DD Yin Occidens

Muse of Rite Othuriteclear
DD Yang Orientem

User:Dunnedays     The Othustuck Expansion

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