Martel Elding





Guide of Hate


9.5 sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces the letter A with spades (♠)


Thurisaz rune

Fetch Modus



Land of Pits and Towers


Blackrom, electricity, sweets


Boring people, redrom shippers, felines

Your name is MARTEL ELDING.
You seem like a PRETTY NICE GUY. Rather GOOD-LOOKING, too. But there's... SOMETHING about you that...
Oh god.
Actually, scratch that. As good-looking as you are, you are a CREEPY SHIPPER. Not just any kind of shipper. A BLACKROM SHIPPER with extreme interest in the CALIGINOUS QUADRANT. You are fascinated by hate in all its forms, but especially kismessitude, and you are fond of MATCHMAKING through means of MANIPULATING PEOPLE into HATING EACH OTHER. You are equipped with your very own SHIPPING WALL filled with people you know and you enjoy writing DEPRAVED BLACKROM LITERATURE about them.
Now this wouldn't seem so strange if it weren't for the fact that you are so VERY FUCKING INVESTED in that stuff. Not to mention that you are an open PERVERT and have the gall and depravity to eat SWEETS FROM PAILS in PUBLIC LOCATIONS. You very much enjoy making people UNCOMFORTABLE. Really, it's a wonder you haven't been CULLED yet, despite your standing on the hemospectrum. Or perhaps the cullers sent to you have all been DRIVEN AWAY by your CREEPINESS.
On a slightly less CREEPY NOTE, you also have a fascination with ELECTRICITY in all its forms. You would be a pretty handy TECH GUY if people could stand to be in the same room as you for more than TWO MINUTES. Of course, this also includes the FERVENT WISH to be able to ELECTROCUTE SHIT AT WILL.
You probably never will get a KISMESIS of your own because others are often either too creeped out to bother with you or have learned to stop taking you seriously. EVER.
Your trolltag is operativeSpades and your f♠ncy cle♠rly shows through in wh♠tever you s♠y!

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