MimicaSprite Standard

Mimica Talksprite

I Am thE cOOlEst mOthErfUckIng ArIstObrAt yOU EvEr wIll mEET yOU gOt thAt >:) >:(

Screen Name


Typing Style

capitalizes vowels, puts .



Strife Specibi

Ballkind, later Clubkind

OutrageouslyBallistic, or better known as Mimica Dolumo is a female purple-blooded fantroll. She uses purple as her text colour, and capitalizes her vowels, and always doubles up her emotions with contrasting expressions.


Though Mimica doesn't have a meaning, it is derived from the word mimic, which means to copy. Her name likely makes reference to her mime-like behaviour and fashion. Her last name, Dolumo is derived from the Latin word for trick, Dolum.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Mimica, like most trolls, has grey skin and black hair. Her skin is notably lighter - due to powder to give herself a pastier, mime-like look. She has white triangles painted above and below each of her eyes. Her eyelashes, lips and blood are purple in colour, and her hair is neatly styled, with her bangs covering one eye - and two locks frame her face. In total, she has four horns - two long horns with bone-like tips, and two smaller horns with curve inwards and are noticeably pointed.


Mimica wears one outfit throughout the comic. Black in colour, Mimica wears a dress that reaches her mid thighs. Underneath this dress, she wears a petticoat, which is grey in colour - and gives Mimica's skirt a petaled appearance. Her symbol is displayed on her chest, and is the same colour at her petticoat, as opposed to her blood colour. She wears tights underneath, one leg being black and the other being grey - along with shoes of the same colours.


Mimica's sign is Bane. Her symbol reflects her great distress and annoyance with the world she lives in.


The RavengerEdit

Mimica's ancestor was The Ravenger. Like many indigo-blooded trolls, The Ravenger was a character of great power. She was a subordinate of the Grand Highblood himself, until going off one day upon hearing about Exorcist Grimhend. The Ravenger admired Grimhend from a distance, finding him outrageously attractive, as well as a worthwhile ally. Though unknown to Grimhend, the Ravenger became one of his many loyal followers, and began to fall hopelessly in love with him. The feelings were never returned. The Ravenger's unrequited and unreturned love for Grimhend caused her to forget who she was, and she died a death which would go unnoticed...