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Osirus Skullan



Osirus God Tier

I dΩn't expect Anything big tΩ cΩme Ωut Ωf my existAnce, but AppArently yΩu dΩ...? Well, uh, I guess thAt's reAlly nice tΩ heAr frΩm A deAr friend... But... Deep inside Ωf me, it feels like my Anxieties, my feArs And my incΩmpetence wΩuld hinder Any type Ωf success in my life, And thAt's ΩkAy fΩr me... SΩrry.


Nerd, Smart friend, Imbecile, Osi, Rus, Low-blood, idiΩt.


Knight of Space


7 Solar Sweeps (~15 Human years)



Strife Specibi

Khopesh Specibus

Fetch Modus

Book Modus (Stores item on a page)


The Outcast - Ancestor

Alasia Mally - First friend, red crush.

Calod Anastol - Moirail.


Land of Caverns and Snow


Friendship, research, learning, reading, playing games, adventuring with friends.


Adventuring alone, anything hurting his friends, himself.

Be the lonely nerd. Edit

You're now the lonely nerd.

Your name is OSIRUS SKULLAN, and you're 7 SOLAR SWEEPS OLD.

As mentioned before, you're KIND OF A LONER, and you LOVE RESEARCH and READING. It's basically the only things you do. Oh, and you ALSO LOVE PARADOXES.

You also like PLAYING VIDEO GAMES with your friends, but YOU DON'T HAVE MANY and HAVE TROUBLE SOCIALIZING, even if you want more friends. Sometimes you act more as your friends' SERVER HOST since you're one of the only who knows how to make that shit work. You're also on the lowest level of the Hemospectrum, after mutants, of course, or else you'd probably be dead.

Your trollian handle is ParadoxIntrovert and you "Type like it is the beginning, but AlsΩ the end."

Personality Edit

Osirus has a calm and shy personality, and is mostly careful, especially with friendship. He has a love for knowledge, reading and video games, and prefers to be alone most of the time. Despite being shy, he would sacrifice most of his life for those he cares about, and puts others before him most of the time.

When given orders, he always complies, but when he is given a choice, he can be stressed out and prefers to let others do the hard choices. He willingly refuse orders when his friends are on the line, and tries to come up with an alternative way.

Biography Edit

Osirus grew up near an abandoned library in the middle of nowhere, together with his lusus. As he learned how to read, he spent most of his time reading and playing around on one of the computers. He always assumed he was the only one alive, until he got contacted by Alasia, a troll girl, on Trollian, who later introduced him to the rest of their friends, but he had trouble starting a conversation with anyone. He later secretly developed romantic feelings for Alasia.

After going on his first expedition to the outside of the library, he eventually found a Khopesh, which he would use in the future as his main weapon.

He was one of the first to host the SGRUB session due to his knowledge of it, and later assisted the rest with his help.

Session Edit

The goal with Osirus and his friends' session was to see who could survive the longest without their lusus. The player's lusus would die at the age of 1 Solar Sweep, and would have to survive alone. Hundreds of trolls died, but some, including Osirus, did. At the age of 7 sweeps, the trolls of the session decided to try out the new game "Sgrub", with Osirus starting as the first host, and the last one to enter. Osirus grew up lonely until he got contacted by the other trolls.

Realizing the game lead to the end of their world, Osirus took the blame on himself due to him hosting it in the first place, and hid on his planet for weeks without contacting the other trolls. As he later explores one of the caves, he finds a quest bed and lies down to rest on it. As he later falls asleep, he wakes up on Prospit, finding out that Alasia, who is a Derse dreamer, managed to sneak through all the security at Prospit, just to arrive at Osirus's home. After being convinced that they need his help, Osirus's dream self becomes God tier (Knight of Space), much to Osirus's surprise, due to the cave collapsing.

As he and Alasia's dream self tries to sneak through the Prospit security, Osirus mistakingly teleports himself back to his planet, due to him not mastering his space powers. Alasia gets sent to jail, and Osirus decides to visit his planet's denizen, Tanila, Who he thinks had a solution.

Tanila gives him The Choice between learning how to master his power, or be sent to a dead session where he would eventually lose. As he picked the first, he had to take the responsibility of Finding and protecting the last matriorb, which would be extremely dangerous and hard. Nevertheless, he Agrees, and is then sent to the outside of the incisphere, but uses his now mastered space powers to teleport to Alasia, and later rescues her as she teleports with him, holding his hand.

He spends an entire month looking for the matriorb, together with his moiral Calod and Alasia, Both now god tier. He nearly gives up, until Alasia finds it in her lusus's grave, Who was a mother grub. She hands it to him, and they take it back to the other trolls.

As the kids are on the Battlefield and they are about to finish their session and create a new universe, The Reckoning starts. Wounded, Osirus tries to teleport the meteors away, but there are just too many. As an alternative, he uses his last powers to switch the battlefield with his own planet, so they can still use the battlefield to make a new universe. As he falls down, tired, he is later rescued by a time travelling Calod, who flies him to his friends, before disappearing back to his future. The trolls later create the universe, where their fates are then unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • His first name was actually supposed to be "Osiris", who is the god of death and the afterlife in Egyptian mythology, but eventually decided to name him "Osirus" so it would not be "too human."
  • His symbol and the way of replacing O's with Ω is "Omega" from the Greek alphabet, which means "The end."
    • The way he capitalises A's is also a reference to the first letter of the Greek alphabet "Alpha", which means "The beginning", and it's a play on the line from the Bible, specifically Revelation 21:6, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End."

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