Nemsyn symbol
Nemsyn Hayaga
Rage Symbol

Nemsyn normal

Nemsyn dead

Nemsyn formal

Nemsyn prospit

Nemsyn godtier

Don't you really think that Nemsym's dangerous, eh? Nemsyn is a nice one, so shush!


Thief of Rage


8 Alternian Solar Sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

perfect grammar and syntax, ends all sentences with eh, writes herself with her name and third person

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



PocketSentenial/InfiniteEcho - Caliginous Crush


Land of Cotton and Daggers

Be the female generalEdit

You are Nemsyn Hayaga. You are 8 Alternian Solar Sweeps old. You came from far away and you are leading an empty military base. You are still searching for recrutes and want to be a perfect general, even if you are a girl. Girls can lead an army too.

Nemsyn's typing style is like this, eh. Nemsyn never uses the first person while typing about her because it's to selfish so Nemsyn allways uses her name and the third person, eh. Kinda confused, eh?

Nephilymstuck SessionEdit

In the Nephilymstuck-session, Nemsyn's the Vize-General of the Military base. She and Karkat are leading the group of 22 persons (14 trolls and 8 kids). Lalene met her a time ago after she discovered the Military base.

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