Cecilo Varlis




Blue (##0066cc)

Typing Quirk

All Ls are replaced by Pounds (£). All v's are replaced by Carets (^). Quotation marks are replaced with Tildes (~). Apostrophes become semicolons.





Strife Specibus



can make physical objects emerge from books in combat. Must be relevant to the book. range varies.

SGRUB Session




Land of Snow and Waterfalls

Dream Self






Team Position


I suppose that I cou£d fi££ a quadrant... I mean... if I found the time. I DO ha^e other priorities... and quadrants wou£d be nice... but not necessary for me to function.


Hyena with strange, script-like markings

Matesprit ♥


Kismesis ♠


Moirail ♦

Asteio and / or Morsus

Auspistice ♣


>Enter NameEdit

Your name is CECILO VARLIS.

You live to read. Books are your life, and you have dedicated yourself almost wholly to them. You live in your hive, which is full to bursting with bookshelves packed to the brim with glorious literature of all sorts. Your life is comfortable and peaceful. You have never even felt the sting of pain. You've read about it though. It sounds dreadful.

Your lusus, Gatsby, is a provider for you. When he is not out hunting, he is by your side enjoying the comforts of home you provide for him. He's a good 'Yena. Best Dad. Of course, every good parent sometimes has to do awful things to support their children, and the empty hives surrounding yours are a testament to this fact. Sometimes you go out with Gatsby to scavenge from the houses of his victims, which is not only how you got your computer, but how you have gained your variety of INTERESTS other than books.

These interests, when simplified and condensed, include but are not necessarily limited to what is contained in the following few sentences. You have a deep love of playing the Theremin; In fact, you consider yourself almost a Virtuoso of the oft neglected instrument. In addition, you harbor an immense love of Alternian cuisine, and often find yourself all too eager to make snacks and tea for anyone who comes to visit. You are also very interested in arts and crafts, but you are so god awful at it that it does not bear mentioning.

Your trolltag is perilousFortune and you tend to be a £itt£e more ^erbose than the a^erage tro££ in a way that some peop£e mind find ~Annoying~... not that you;d consider that. In fact... you probab£y think that e^ery time you speak it is he£ping another tro££ to rise up to your £e^e£ of £earning and etiquette.


I will edit this later


Lol not enough info yet.

Session stuff.Edit

Nothing here yet either, but there will be.

Land and goal and the like.Edit

Nothing here yet either.

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