Your Troll's Name

Saphte ancestor Jniper Stannum

h-h-hEllo... mY frIEnd...

don't go awaY... I won't Eat YoU...

Your Troll's Name


Lime blooded Landdweller (#b6e55f)

Typing Quirk

capItalIzEs somE lEttErs sUch as O, Z, U, Y, I and E... UsUallY starts sEntEncEs with lovErcasE lEttErs and Ends thEm wIth thrEE dots...

Fetch Modus

None. She usually carries a bag with her. Has limited space but easy to take things out of it.

Strife Specibus



Saphté Stanum(Descendant), Axolotlmom(Lusus)

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Land of ? and ?

Dream Self



?, ?

Team Position

? to Enter,(Served By ?), Server to ?






==>Junper: Be the undead troll

Your name is JUNPER STANUM. You are a LIME-ISHBLOOD MUTANT. You were born as a normal grub, but you began mutating as you grown up. Your LEFT EYE gone by an UNSTOPPABLE INFECTION, and your right eye will be dead, too. You will be BLIND. Your LEFT HORN began to "CORRODE", and you AMPUTATED your RIGHT HAND to defend yourself from your FASTER DEATH. Others would think you are a ZOMBIE and they would prefer to KILL you. You RARELY ever meet anyone. If so, you wear a COWL to hide yourself. You KNOW that if you would lose your LIMBS you wouldn't die (Fact: You don't know that you actually CAN'T DIE, only by old age).

Your HOBBIES are SEARCHING FOR THE ANTIDOTE and CANNIBALISM. You like SHAGGY clothes, FLOWERS and SKELETONS, too. You HATE other trolls, but you are always acting KIND to them until they all DIE for knowing you. You always look like you're HAPPY, and you really are. The INFECTION and MUTATION doesn't bother you.

You're always SMILING, you're always HAPPY. No one and nothing can DISTURB you. Well... They would DIE. You like to TORTURE people. You LOVE to LIVE and your dream is to LIVE FOREVER. Even if you would need to live as a WALKING DEAD.


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  • Her symbol is Jupiter, or Tin (Stannum)


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