Kilika Pranio

Klimina Homestuck

This is g0ing t0 be a gr8at pl8asur8!


The Sylph of Nature


6 1/2 solar sweeps (13 years old)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces the e's to 8's and o's to 0's; Writes real names in uppercase letter



Strife Specibi



The Land of Flowers and Air


Be the Sweetheart Troll Your name is KILIKA PRANIO. You dislike a skew of violence, and you don't want to hurt anybody. Perhaps, you love a favorite of RAINBOW CUTIES, an anime franchise. It's pretty unusual that you are FLOWERY.

Your trolltag is pinkyChickstripes, and you tend to Us8 8 and 0 t0 writ8 in styl8, if y0u may.








  • Klimina's trolltag, pinkyChickstripes, are related to her knee-length socks.
  • Kilika's main icon resembles to be Mercury.
    • According to Kilika's leadership, Mercury is the first planet that was close to the Sun.
  • Kilika's numbers, 8 and 0, are formed into 80, as of an atomic number of Mercury (Hg), from the chemistry periodic table.
    • Kilika may be one of the few trolls who use numbers that are related to the periodic table, preceded by Equius Zahhak.


  • Yourimage.png Extra images of your troll go here; this space is for image captions.

Portal Rush


Nurse of Nature Life
16px Cindy Gerald
PB - pocketBouquet

Star of Wind Breath
16px Masashiro Kasako
PU - powderedUmbrella

Dame of Force 16px
16px Gwen Pines
EE - euroEverafter

Bard of Lightning Lightning
16px Helen Honeycomb
SM - silhouetteMacaroon

Muse of Twilight 16px
16px Cindy Gerald
LC - lavenderCrescent

Mute of Light Light2
16px Avon Malourne
FR - fallingRoyale

Princess of Ice 16px
16px Josey Frost
SC - snowCupcake

The Rogue of Mind Mind
16px Kam Hollyman
ZP - zonedPistol

The Bellen of Fire 16px
16px Beth Slimmer
CP - curryPaddle

The Seer of Water 16px
16px Yancey Miles
CN - calmNoodlesoup

The Heir of Love Heart
16px Hiruzaki Mamo
RJ - rosyJardin

Alternian Trolls

Sylph of Nature Life
16px Kilika Pranio
PC - pinkyChickstripes

Angel of Light Light2
16px Malaca Amorle
FB - fluffyBiblepeep

Witch of Fire 16px
16px Teridy Tetram
WH - wrathiaHonolulu


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