Arin Pixxel

Arin Pixxel

Arin (Dream)

Arin (God Tier)

Arin (Amber Alt)

Arin (Matryoshka Alt)

Arin (Panda Hero Alt)

aw yiss, the amazing pixelpusher does it again! 


Seer of Time

Screen Name


Typing Style

leaves everything lowercase for the most part but capitalizes i in the correct context

Strife Specibi



Your name is Arin Pixxel, and you have a bit of a cluttered ROOM. Among the various OBJECTS scattered around are a few things that represent your INTERESTS. There’s an old FLASH DRIVE on the couch, from your few escapades in CODING. That stopped WORKING so you just ended up leaving it LAYING AROUND. Next to that is your NINTENDO DSI. You love the thing, and have several GAMES for it. You also have an old CAT PLUSHIE. You’re not entirely sure WHY you have it, you just do. Then there’s the KAITO FIGURINE on your desk. You’ve always been fond of VOCALOIDS, particularly the male ones.

Your chumhandle is pixelPusher and you don’t bother with capitalization that much.


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