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In Planetstuck, eighteen trolls, most of whom don't really know each other that well, play Sgrub to save their lives. With trolls of many different backgrounds and motives, it will be a wonder if they all make it out.

My money's on they don't.

Members Edit

# name title land
1 Sonnen Soleil Sage of Rite Land of Bells and Daybreak
2 Aligor Luguse Maid of Heart Land of Rock and Geysers
3 Venera Libert Thief of Hope Land of Fume and Flowers
4 Gaiano Aurore Gent of Tech Land of Rain and Forests
5 Nubium Lleuad Wraith of Shade Land of Night and Spirits
6 Cadros Noachi Knight of Fate Land of Wars and Weapons
7 Poales Gerere Thane of Time Land of Castles and Plains
8 Agoraa Meteos Rogue of Blood Land of Caves and Candles
9 Praxid Ganyme Heir of Dream Land of Sand and Pillars
10 Shania Encela Sylph of Breath Land of Wind and Incense
11 Methan Yurnas Mage of Tears Land of Games and Wizards
12 Nectan Thalas Sleuth of Doom Land of Wood and Mystery
13 Summar Nidras Douche of Tides Land of Ice and Glass
14 Hiiaka Namaka Witch of Hue Land of Trees and Suns
15 Tangat Amanuu Smith of Keys Land of Spires and Feathers
16 Millon Eridos Hand of Rage Land of Groves and Twisters
17 Tariuq Hwaael Seer of Space Land of Ivory and Frogs
18 Riyela Mekini Scourge of Mind Land of Bogs and Circuits

Gallery Edit

Credits Edit

All characters and planets were made by TheUltamate, Outhra, and Dariox. Same goes for the story.

Planetstuck uses TheUltamate and Outhra's Othustuck Expansion.

Sprites were made using a sprite template. Original sprites are copyright Andrew Hussie.

The symbols for Haumea, Makemake, Eris, and Sedna were made by Denis Moskowitz and are used with permission. The symbol for Nemesis was made by Saiyaness-N-Goddess and is used with permission. The rest were found on Wikimedia Commons.

And, of course, Homestuck in general belongs to Hussie.

Dariox     Outhra     TheUltamate

Sage of Rite Othuriteclear
Planetstucksol Sonnen Soleil

Maid of Heart Heart
Planetstuckmercury Aligor Luguse

Thief of Hope Hope
Planetstuckvenus Venera Libert

Gent of Tech Othutechclear
Planetstuckearth Gaiano Aurore

Wraith of Shade Othushadeclear
Planetstuckluna Nubium Lleuad

Knight of Fate Othufateclear
Planetstuckmars Cadros Noachi

Thane of Time Time
Planetstuckceres Poales Gerere

Rogue of Blood Blood
Planetstuckvesta Agoraa Meteos

Heir of Dream Othudreamclear
Planetstuckjupiter Praxid Ganyme

Sylph of Breath Breath
Planetstucksaturn Shania Encela

Mage of Tears Othutearsclear
Planetstuckuranus Methan Yurnas

Sleuth of Doom Doom
Planetstuckneptune Nectan Thalas

Douche of Tides Othutidesclear
Planetstuckpluto Summar Nidras

Witch of Hue Othuhueclear
Planetstuckhaumea Hiiaka Namaka

Smith of Keys Othukeysclear
Planetstuckmakemake Tangat Amanuu

Hand of Rage Rage
Planetstuckeris Millon Eridos

Seer of Space Space
Planetstucksedna Tariuq Hwaael

Scourge of Mind Mind
Planetstucknemesis Riyela Mekini

The Othustuck Expansion     Sgrub_S2

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