You are the Psycho of Mind, or you will be once you awake on DERSE.

Once you enter the game, you will start in the LAND OF LOVE AND POWER, which is inhabited by BUTTERFLIES.

There, the enemies drop BORON GRIST and serve the feared DENIZEN KVED, but you'll surely be able to overcome them with your trusty TAZERKIND strife specibus.

Your username is prehistoricFinder, and you use the POCKET fetch modus.

Lukara Nutatn
Lukara Nutatn


Psycho of Mind


5 solar sweeps(11 Earth Years)

Screen Name


Typing style

No grammar, uses underscores instead of spaces ie: whats_up

Zodiac Sign


Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



[The Dedicated - Ancestor] [???? - Matesprit] [Tekima Lutaro - Morail] [Tekima Lutaro - Secret MAJOR Crush] [???? - Kismesis] [None - Lusus]


Land of Love and Power (LOLAP)

Likes and dislikes

Likes:Tekima, watching Tekima dance, talking to Tekima, stalking Tekima, friends, swimming, My Little Hoofbeast. Dislikes:Being away from Tekima, rejection, someone else being Tekima's Matesprit.

Your name is LUKARA NUTATN.You are SECRETLY OBSESSED WITH TEKIMA LUTARO, your MORAIL.You enjoy DIGGING UP THE FOSSILS OF LUSII.You have read alot from a journal your ANCESTOR, THE DEDICATED, wrote.Ironically, THE EDUCATED, Tekima's ancestor, and The Dedicated were also Morails.Thank Gog that they weren't MATESPRITS.Because that would be wrong.Just wrong.You love SKITTLES.You normally POUR A WHOLE PACK INTO YOUR MOUTH.You ENJOY SWIMMING

You're LUSUS died when you weren't even a SOLAR SWEEP old.You've taken care of yourself.

Your hive is in a small island's cave.There, you have a picture of Tekima, a My Little Hoofbeast poster, a copy of Calmasis, a recuperacoon that reminds you of wings, a bag of digging equipment, and your laptop.You're normally on your laptop talking to Tekima.

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