Be the OCD Bitch.Edit

Your name is VLINDA THORAX.

There is one thing that matters to you more than anything else: SUCCESS.
You generally enjoy being ORGANISED and knowing your place, that is the mere FOUNDATION of success. Other trolls say that you are OBSESSED with the CLASS-SYSTEM, but that is a LIE. You just like thinking of ways to ONE-UP those higher than you. You had to work for your success - they didn't. So really, your actions make sense.
When you're not being a HUGE BITCH, you like to reflect upon your fortune by READING TAROT. Not a lot of people know about this hobby, and you'd prefer it that way. You also like spending your evenings enjoying the NIGHTLIFE with your best comrades, and possibly finding new people to fulfill your hectic romance quadrants.
Your LUSUS is the closest thing to a best friend a troll could ever ask for. It understands you in almost everyway. It is a flying briefcase with a cutsey mascot face - you can never remember if it had a name before, but you call it BRIEFLY.
Your symbol is an AMPERSAND.
Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is set to SWISSARMYKIND, surely it is the finest weapon for an organised being. Sometimes when you need to vent, you switch it to DEBATEKIND - nobody can hope to beat you in a bullshit-off, you are simply the best there is.
You use the LIBRARY MODUS, which is not only extremely organised but also highly convenient. Sometimes you wonder why you're one of the only people to use it.

Your trolltag is promiscuousButterfly and you 7end 7o 7ype !n a cold, formal manner ~ bu7 you rema!n warm, mos7 of 7he 7!me.

SGRUB Shenanigans.Edit

At the moment, you seem to have been drawn into an SGrub with someone that you'd like to call an egregious LOSER.

You have no idea what the rest of your team will be like.

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