Pyrote Damkar



I may have burrned down my hive, but the forrest surrvived!

Screen Name


Typing Style

Doubles "r"s in a sorrt of grrowling style.

Strife Specibi



Your name is PYROTE DAMKAR, but most people just call you PYRO. You are about 8 SWEEPS OLD (or 17-18 Earth years old). You are BLIND in your RIGHT EYE due to an unfortunate ACCIDENT, but you are USED TO IT now.

You have many INTERESTS, such as COLLECTING STUFF. You have a passion for FIRE which borders on the OBSESSIVE. You try to keep those interests SEPERATE, but occasionally FAIL. You like to SEACH ABANDONED BUILDINGS for COOL STUFF to add to your collections. You like to wear RINGS and some of your favourites are ones you have FOUND. You usually wear SEVERAL rings, and have to watch what you punch. You fight with KNIVES and are QUITE GOOD AT IT. You are the KNIGHT OF DOOM and your planet is the LAND OF MIST AND TIDE, but you don't know that yet.

You like to chat with others, but you have a SHORT FUSE and tend to SET THINGS ON FIRE, which CALMS YOU DOWN. You also have a tendency to BITE. Your trolltag is pyroEnthusiast and you talk in a sorrt of grrowling mannerr.


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