Phylos Megisto



Typing Quirk:

You prepher to replace all "f" characters with a "ph" and "i" with "y" (Except in the case of the perpendicular pronoun) and sometimes degrade into mathematical terms as a subset of the class "panic".


Algebraic Variable Equation


Each object captchalogued has a secret value: to obtain a specific item Phylos must use the Universal Sylladex Equation and substitute into a Equation that expresses in simplified terms the characteristics of said item.

Strife specibus:



Nuclear Puffer Fish: A fish able to survive out of water, its energy provided by the nuclear fire constantly burning around it. To keep it from exploding and collapsing into a singularity Phylos must feed it a very precise amount of hydrogen dependant on the mood and health of the fish.

Blood Colour:

Dark Turquoise


Keeper of Law


Land of Gamma and Gravity.

>Be the infuriating scientist.Edit

You are now the physicist, biologist, chemist and mathematic theorist extraodinaire. You don't know how you managed to keep away for so long.

Your head buzzes with the maths of atomic calculation. You only recently fed your Lusus. It had been hard for a while, but the maths really is quite simple one you discover an accurate method of attributing numbers to an emotion. After that it's just algebra. continue with the work.

You endeavor to see whether a troll's different coloured blood affects the anatomy or health of a troll. Is it a factor in certain diseases? Is a particular special power only possible with green blood?

Let us find out. You open your scalpel and begin to slice into the corpse of the late yellow blooded troll who dared to attempt to kill your Lusus for its flesh, a rare delicacy, the only meat from an animal ready cooked and irradiated. Of course the fool wasn't to realise that reaching into a nuclear flame to pull out the puffer fish probably wasn't a good idea. You didn't need to be you to work that out.

>Sum up your interests in a comic and amusingly informative way.Edit

No. You will do it in a strictly evidental and businesslike fashion.

SCIENCE. It is your entire life. All of it. Or near enough for the difference to be negligible. You despise people who say "Is that all? Just science?" Just science? Just science? Do they know how many branches of physics there are, let alone the other schools of universal understanding? Clearly they do not, severely limited cranial powers omitting rational thought.

You enjoy physics particularly, since it allows you to INVENT MECHANICAL CONSTRUCTS and program ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE which you see as infinitely superior to the natural kind. Natural intelligence requires only two lazy trolls, but AI needs to be created, by a troll with a truly masterful understanding of the theory of multiple intelligence.

You indulge in a few BIOLOGICAL EXPERIMENTS on foolish trolls, their malformed and burned bodies reclaimed from the home of your nuclear custodian. You have honed your AUTOPSY SKILLS on them, using your gloves, scalpel and hacksaw with clean precision. Except for the hacksaw. That's usually....messy.

ELECTRICITY is a passion of yours. You strive for more and more complex electrical circuits. Computers and micro-processors are far below you. You climb higher, and in the distance you can see it.

The ultimate goal.

But as it is you make robotic dinosaurs and watch them eat each other. It's glorious fun.

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