Shynie Queill
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Shynie Queill


5 3/4 Sweeps, around 12 human years






Mutant (Candy Red)


s-she doesn't um... use capitalization because um... she is a um... tad to uh... shy for um... that.



Shynie is a part of this RPG:

Interests, Hobbies and TalentsEdit

She has a big interest in jewelry making, and is very good at it. She also has a thing for Romance Novels, and loves to daydream about finally finding romance.

Except for blackrom. Never blackrom.


She just barely made it out of her beginning little, "test" so to speak alive, but yet still got a very important lusi. She has never seen her lusus up close, just far away. This is because her lusus is made to kill mutant bloods, and to start the bit, she has to ring a bell located up in her room, on the top floor of 18 stories. It almost looks like an apartment.

She got into trollian only recently, about two sweeps ago. Which would mean she was about 10 sweeps. She was forced to play the game later.


Shynie is very timid. Due to her great understanding of the hemospectrum, she understands that she is lower than dirt, and that she should be ashamed, which makes her very self consious and timid around others. Again, due to her blood color, she tends to be very awkward around those who question or even bring up blood colors, and she will try to abscond any chance she gets. Shynie is also an avid precious metals and diamonds collector, being quite the jewler. She often will offer these to her friends when they need to be cheered up, too scared to give actual words on encouragement herself, because she believes her words don't mean much.


Detter- Finds him to be quite the bully, and is infact, scared of him. He found out her blood color after seeing a cut on her finger, and sinse then, she has tried to make sure to never let anyone find out through him. He has a red crush on her, though she seems to not notice these feelings since they are hidden by his bullying.

Anikoe- Finds her a tad odd, but has no other opinion on her. She has no idea that this girl knows her blood color.

Windex- She enjoys his company, and the two have friendly chats often.

Siguno- Can't thank him enough for accepting her, he sees her as another person to watch over, and she again, can't thank him enough. One of the few who know her blood color.

Cateni- No real opinion. Finds her nice.

Socia- Finds her a tad odd...

Avery- Nice girl.

Past and Future Selves- Shynie, due to how much she understands the hemospectrum, tends to be quite rude to her other past and future selves, almost seeming like she could enter a black quadrant with herself. Quite a joke among people who have seen her converse with her selves.

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