Serana Symbol
Serana Xerxes

Serana Normal

Serana Fancy

Serana Towel

You were hoping for boobs, weren't you?

Serana Nightgown

Serana Prospit

Serana GodTier HoodUp

Serana GodTier HoodDown

And this is why we cannot have nice things.


Maid of Heart


8 solar sweeps (17 Earth years)


recordedQuadrophonic (#009797)

Typing Style

Perfect Shakespearean iambic pentameter. Every line is capitalized, and sentences are never broken mid-line. Precedes and ends text with ~===~. Never replies twice in a row. Impeccable grammar.


The capital Greek letter delta (Δ).

Associated Game

'Real life'

Strife Specibi

quillkind / flmthrwrkind

Fetch Modus

Epitaph Modus


Drizzd D'Urden and Visher Anhedo - Auspistice (former)
Kaymah Vanhul - Moirail
Au Contraire - Ancestor

Lives in



Land of Chasms and Daylight (Pre-Flux)
Land of Cryogen and Debauchery (?) (Post-Flux)


Work, showers


Physical strain, the outdoors

> Be the poetic workaholic.Edit

To feel as though a troll has a purpose,
One is forced to abolish all free will
And do what no one else considers fun;
Regard, I do not work for my own gain,
But in others' faith I shall stand useful.

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