Alocin Niente




Orange (#f04000, RGB 240, 64, 0)

Typing Quirk

Typical, but repeats the last word before any punctuation mark. End punctuation is replaced with a crude attempt at a repeat sign in musical notation.


Dal Segno, appears in sheet music and instructs a musician to repeat a passage starting from the sign.


Chromatic Modus -- one has to hum the note corresponding to a stored item's card in order to retrieve it.

Strife Specibus



A rather large ophidian, much like a reticulated python.


Binder of Echoes


Land of Brilliance and Harmony

>Be the

>Be the

>Be the

>Be the

>Be the -- *HRRK*

You are now the apparent tear in causality. Good luck with that.

Your name is ALOCIN NIENTE.

You are a PERFECTIONIST by nature -- anything worth doing once is worth getting right, so you DO IT TWICE just to make sure. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

And more PRACTICE.

This constant effort works in tandem with your natural MUSICAL TALENT -- your aptitude in composition is noted, though you NEVER FEEL COMFORTABLE with the attention. You STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN IT RIGHT yet -- but when you do, you're ABSOLUTELY SURE that the music you create will be glorious. Granted, you have an advantage in that your PSYCHIC ABILITIES are attuned to PITCH AND TONE -- to project any sort of force, you have to pick out the dominant tone in your surroundings and SING TO MATCH that tone, but the results can be quite devastating. As well as using your voice to project outward force, your perfect pitch is also used to access your CHROMATIC MODUS.

You have a CONSERVATIVE DISPOSITION, humble and unassuming, and you are quite SLOW TO ANGER. It is nearly impossible to get a rise out of you, though some have tried. Granted, it's also difficult for the pendulum to swing in the other direction; others mistake you for morose and depressive, but you simply do NOT show EXTREMES OF EMOTION in general.

Your trolltag is recursiveDissonance and you have a nasty habit of of, when speaking to others others, repeating yourself altogether too often often:||

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