Nosica Mythry


Nosica Mythry



Blood Caste


Typing Quirk

L's and I's become 1's, o's become 0's


man, 1'11 get t0 th1s later


Machine Code

Strife Specibus

Codekind, Swordkind

SGRUB Session


Land of Storm and Current


No information

Dream Self

No information


No information


No information

Team Position

No information

Chain Information

RT <=> RT => DG => CC => TC

Social Information


No information


ha! ha ha! as 1f 1'm gett1ng 1nt0 that n0w


Man, 1 d0n't even kn0w any0ne 1 hate en0ugh t0 f1t th1s categ0ry


DG? TC? 1 d0n't rea11y know


1 dunn0, DG, maybe? She s0met1mes g0es a b1t nutty.

Enter NameEdit

Your name is NOSICA MYTHRY.

You are a young Alternian troll, prooobably around 9 or so solar sweeps of age. You're not really all that sure, but also you don't really care all that much. You have a variety of INTERESTS....which is actually really just a few. This includes a voracious love of CODING, which has minor occasional SIDE EFFECTS. Such as forgetting to sleep. Or eat. You frequently get your friends to test chunks of code you created, which almost always causes some sort of damage. One of their husktops actually physically exploded after running a chunk of around 100 lines of code that you wrote. That was particularly entertaining and rewarding.

Your Lusii are a bear and a rabbit that you named GERR and CHITTER when you were much younger. You must admit you mostly based this on the sounds they made. They work surprisingly well together as a team, much to the dismay of the foolish few who dared try to trifle with you. Not that that ever really happened more than once, but you still remember the terror-stricken look with fondness. After that people mostly just left you alone, even the ones that claimed they really really hated you. That kind of disappointed you, until you fed code into their computers that made them little more than unusable husks, which made you feel a little bit better. They're basically the best Lusii ever, and you're not quite sure what you'd do without them! You're determined not to find out, either.

Your Trollian handle is relentlessTechnologist, and you try t0 use as many 0nes and zer0es as y0u can, but unf0rtunate1y that makes s0me 0f the th1ngs y0u type a b1t harder t0 read. N0t t00 hard th0ugh. You think your friends are awesome, especially when it comes to messing with them! They all have really fun, unique reactions to the bullshit you pull.

Examine RoomEdit

Why bother? You already know where everything is!

Which is to say, it is somewhere in the mess. Your room is a veritable swamp of discarded clothing and husktop components. You're not sure when the last time you actually saw your floor was. Apart from the tiny winding path you use to get around so you don't step on any of your important things. And ALL of your things are important.

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