Lunari Stelae

From- Ostentatious Pancakes 2

Lunari Grub Sprite

Are yo-u co-m*ng? The stars are o-ut to-n*ght.

Screen Name



Weather sign for "comet"

Strife Specibi



Land of Rhythm and Stars


Your name is LUNARI STELAE, and you are PROUD to say that SPACE is your EXPERTISE. While you have lived on the GROUND for your entire life, you simply cannot swallow the OVERWHELMING feeling of wanting to FLY. Your HORNS are cute and look a bit like split PETALS. Your LUSUS is an AXOLOTL named XI, and you believe she is the "best and cutest lusus *n the who-le wo-rld!" You quite enjoy SHIPPING, but it is a secret hobby of yours. Though most of your SHIPPING fantasies include actual SPACESHIPS. 

Your best friend is a TEALBLOOD named AETHRI, and her LATIN is beautiful. You also have another friend named MARREL, and she is a CERULEANBLOOD. Though they are both lower than you on the HEMOSPECTRUM, which your Lusus DISLIKES, they are good FRIENDS.

Your multiple and somewhat RANDOM quirks (though most have to do with SPACE) include using a "e×tremely cute sideways star."  You use œ instead of "oe" when TALKING to Aethri, because her name is ACTUALLY Æthri.  You like human LANGUAGES and enjoy using their symbols FREQUENTLY in your drawings and writing. Your EMOTICONS include 0 Ξ 0 (Ξ meaning FIXED STARS) =Χ= (Χ meaning COSMOS) 

You have no official QUADRANTS filled, though you suspect AETHRI could be your MOIRAIL since you often PACIFY each other. You have no KISMESIS, but you think it sounds SCARY. 

She often FORGETS to check her PESTERCHUM, and never notices that it IRRITATES many people. 

Your page is a WORK IN PROGRESS and you HOPE it will be TREATED as that. 

Biological InformationEdit

Name: Lunari Stelae

Gender: Female

Age: 6 Alterian Solar Sweeps (13 years old)

Blood: Indigo

Role: Page of Void

Strife Specibus: Forkkind

Land: LORAS (Land of Rhythm and Stars)

Fetch Modus: Trace (She has to trace the dots on the card to form a contellation, and then it will give her the item)

Session: None (meaning she can join one if anyone would want her to)

Moon: Derse

Pesterchum Handle: reputableIntrovert (RI)

Denizen: Nyx


Lunari's Lusus is an Axolotl, or at least loosely based on one. It prefers to remain in the shallow pool of water in Lunari's Hive, but can also hover above land if it needs to gather food or drag her rebellious troll back home. It is called "Xi" by Lunari, and has the normal matching blood of a troll and their Lusus.



Credits for the Trollsprite and Lunari's last name go to Ostentatious Pancakes. dA Here

Credit for all Sgrub-related info: Andrew Hussie

Credit for ideas, first name, and all other info; Me.

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