Lokaci Azemio
Lokaci Sprite
see? +h;s ;s why we can'+ have n;ce +h;ngs!


Lokaci Azemio




Yellow (#cccc00)

Typing Quirk

Uses proper syntax, and punctuation, but discards capitalization and replaces 'i' with ';' and 't' with '+'.



Strife Specibus

Forkkind, Needlekind


Viper (Ouroboros)


Sage of Time


Land of Flux and Static

Your name is Lokaci Azemio. You have a wide variety of INTERESTS, especially since few things are capable of holding your attention for more than FIVE MINUTES. You have a great passion for the CULINARY ARTS. You also enjoy MAKING YOUR OWN CLOTHES, although you are pretty AWFUL AT IT. Although you occupy a relatively LOW POSITION ON THE HEMOSPECTRUM, green-bloods make you uncomfortable for NO GOOD REASON. Since your wriggling day you have generated a strong MAGNETIC FIELD which makes using computers EXTREMELY DIFFICULT.

You harbor a secret love of SCIENCE FICTION FILMS, regardless of how terrible they are, and you aspire to become a SUPERHERO. You probably wouldn’t be good at it since you are very NON-CONFRONTATIONAL. The idea of black romance INTIMIDATES YOU, although you would consider MEDIATING AN AUSPISTICE if it would REDUCE DRAMA.

Your trollTag is retroactiveAnomaly and you +end +to leave your sen+ences a b;+ open-ended...

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