Riko's Sign
Space symbol






can we agRee that this was a teRRible decision?


Page of Space

Screen Name


Typing Style

uppeRcases R's and K's while the otheR is loweRcase

Strife Specibi

Wooden Blade Kind

Fetch Modus



Land of Souls and Curses

You glace at this little demon's roomEdit

Holy sheet, how long don't I see that face? Pretty muchs some Millenias...
Well to Keep things short, he is a very talented kid, well, is sort of ways. He is actually an "orphan", which is not a good term, since he actually have parents, and talk to them, but don't live with them. He haves a lot of interests. Any good and catchy kind of rhythm/music, with his preference to Dubstep and Classical.
There's other loads of things about him, which is better to you to not know...

Session Players
Name Moon Role Specie
Yan Prospit Page of SpaceSpace symbol Demon
Karen Prospit Maid of TimeTimegodtier Angel
Jonhes Derse Knight of HopeHopeoutline Human
Amelia Derse Thief of RageRage Human

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