RiotBent + NexusFlames is the Z4 universe session.


Cipren, the Bard of Time, destroyed his Cardinal Movement using a bomb that blew it into smithereens. That and there's no paradox clones.


The only characters are 4 humans, 12 trolls, 2 adult cherubs, a ruthless Dersite agent who works with the evil cherub (And was prototyped), other carapacians, the denizens, the consorts and the ancestors of the 12 new trolls.


  • There is no swearing in this session.
  • The Ψiioniic (A2 Mituna), the Sufferer (A2 Kankri), the Dolorosa (A2 Porrim) and the Condesce (A2 Meenah) are also in this story, but are frequently mentioned and have a different history here.
    • The Ψiioniic chose to be the Condesce's helmsman/pilot.
    • The Sufferer died of old age.
    • The Dolorosa is the Sufferer's genetic mother and died of old age as well.
      • It is confirmed that the Dolorosa "Gave birth" to the Sufferer and that the father is a limeblood.
    • The Condesce is a fair empress and allows adults on Alternia.
  • Alternia is in the same universe as Earth, but the sessions are in separate incipispheres.
    • Alternia is now the 2nd closest planet from its star in a Solar system in the Andromeda Galaxy, while Earth is unchanged in location in the Milky Way Galaxy.
    • Alternia's green moon is where the exiles reside, due to a lack of a mansion or a variant of The Felt.
      • As such, Gl'bgolyb counts as Alternia's first guardian, despite lacking such powers.