Galiex symbol
Galiex Crucis


Galiex dream

Galiex god

th:s :s :t! : fu+ked the sess:on w:th my l:ght ann:h:lat:on power


Bard of Light


8 Sweeps (18 Earth Years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

 replaces i with : and c with + (mirroring his symbol)


St. Peter's Inverted Cross

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Music (every item is caphtalogued as a melody, you need to play the melody to retrieve an item)


Lusus: Hellboy (Cerberus creature)

Tekhel Crucis: Dancestor

The Musician/The Forelorn: Ancestor

Eaglei Aquila & Norvei Megiex: Moirails

Enesta Varata & Sirinx Saturn: Flush-Crushes


 Heavy Metal, Doom Metal and everykind of heavy music


screwing up things, Hemospectrum


 Face of the sun


Be the Rocker Troll

Your name is GALIEX CRUCIS, and you are a CERULEAN blooded troll with a pretty OBSESSIVE INTEREST for METAL music, well... not only METAL but everykind of heavy music, you LISTEN to it every time and some PEOPLE tend to hate you for THIS as their music TASTE (as you say) sucks, you HATE it when they say that your music is bullshit, another thing that you hate is the HEMOSPECTRUM, i mean.. you have been LUCKY to be a CERULEAN but what about the LOWBLOOD ones who are always threatened bad? you hate this CASTE system!

While you are not doing anything, you like to play with your GUITAR, but seems that even your LUSUS doesn't appreciate your music.

your screenName is rockerHeadbang, what are you gonna do?


Write a third person summary of your Troll's personality here.


Write a bit here about your Troll's life before their session.


Write something here about what your Troll's session was like/what role they played in it.


  • Galiex is a random name i made.
  • Crucis comes for cross, which is linked to his symbol.
  • His Bard of Light title was random at the begin but in fact like Veiara is linked to his attitude to screw up things.

Like always, special thanks to LunarSplendens for the sprite tweaking.


  • Yourimage.png Extra images of your troll go here; this space is for image captions.

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