Rajnis Swapna





Knight of Dream


8 sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Rare punctuation/capitalization, either omits or overuses spaces depending on his state.


Symbol for an increase in pressure


Land of Glow and Motion


Your name is RAJNIS SWAPNA. Your blood is INDIGO, but just a smidgen too blue for you to be a SUBJUGGLATOR. You don't really mind or care about that, though. You have OTHER THINGS to worry about, such as your TERRIBLE DAYMARES, which TERRIFY YOU SO MUCH that you try to just NEVER SLEEP. Your obstinancy in avoiding them has led you to develop a true case of INSOMNIA and completely destabilized whatever is left of your sleep schedule. Sometimes you fall asleep for a few hours during the NIGHT, leaving you awake most of the time during the DAY. Your eyesight was slightly damaged when you once caught a glimpse of SUNLIGHT. Fortunately for you, it was only SLIGHTLY, and since then you have learned to keep SHADES on your eyes and to hide in your recouperacoon while the sun is up. Your insomnia has led you to be constantly ON EDGE, which in turn made you a little PARANOID. Sometimes your senses are HEIGHTENED. Sometimes you see things in SLOW MOTION. But most of the time, you're just MISERABLE and you really just kinda need a hug. And maybe some therapy. Besides your obsessive avoidance of sleep and daymares, you have a few INTERESTS, which you try to use as a means of DISTRACTION from sleepiness. You like to read books and watch television shows meant for WIGGLERS because you think they're less likely to cause you daymares. You have an interest in FLARPING, but all you do is read about it and watch from the sidelines, as you're not sure you could really participate well in it. Your AMPHIBIAN SLITHERBEAST LUSUS wouldn't want you to partake in those activities, anyway, because FLARPers are DANGEROUS KIDS. At least that's what you think he's trying to tell you. Sometimes you HALLUCINATE him talking to you. You've gotten kind of used to it by now. Your trolltag is runawayHypnos and thewayyoutalkoftenindicates h o w s l u g g i s h y o u ' r e f e e l i n g atthemoment.


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