I just can't abandon the story.

It's coming to a crucial point. ;



Red-horned Satyr(Robotic avatar) (#ae0000)

Typing quirk


Fetch Modus


Strife Specibus



Author(Creator), Anise Fels(Matesprit)


0.6 solar sweeps(Approx.)


Can do anything he likes within the realm of the comic Roguestuck, but can be stopped by SOR.

Introduction Edit

No, you are the narrator of this story, not a character. You do not get an introduction, you give introductions.

Get back to work.

Personality Edit

The Narrator is hardworking, patient, and loyal to a fault. Most of the time, he is polite and curteous, but he has a snarky side as well, which shows through often. Once he makes up his mind, the Narrator stands by his decisions, though he is highly prone to taking suggestions. He is truly happiest when he is being directed, and becomes extremely uncomfortable when a decision is left in his hands.

Biography Edit

The Narrator was created at the very beginning of the Roguestuck story, although he was not revealed to be a conscious entity until sometime in the middle of the first act, when he accidentally made the end of act curtains the wrong color. The Author stepped in, reprimanded him, and made him change the color of the curtains a few times. Later, he also showed that he was sentient when he apologized to Hashda Flersh for suggesting that she listen to music, as she was deaf.

In the first intermission, the Narrator met Anise Fels, the Seer of Life. She was an extremely talented seer, and was aware of his presence from the minute she was shown. She spoke to him directly, and convinced him to enter into a conversation with her. After she introduced herself in the traditional style, she struck up a flirtatious banter with him. Before they could get too far though, they were interrupted by the Author, who again reprimanded the Narrator.

The story commenced as planned, but a few panels later, the Narrator shook things up a bit by teleporting all but two of the Fels family into Anise's room. He did this in a successful attempt to stop Jimmy Auspit from harassing Anise.

The Narrator continued to tell the story without event, until the second intermission, when Anise approached him again. She had commissioned a robotic chassis to be constructed for him by the race she had created, the Satyrs. After a bit of talking, she convinced him to turn the narration of the story over to Johanna Fels, and go out to dinner with her.

Sgrub Edit

Coming Soon.

Gallery Edit

Coming Soon.

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