SBURB Session
i Really am tRying, but you'Re not helping!

Session Type

MultiSpecie, Successful

Number of Planets


Overall Information

This is the session RiKo (called as Yan all the time), Kaori (called as Karen the entire session), Jonhes and Amelia played long ago. MultiSpecie is very self-explanatory, Successful as well. Yet, it had been "block'd" until the players come back to the session, and it means nobody else can enter or exit unless them.


This is just some extra information about it, i do not want to enter in detail about how the session happened neither the characters on itself.

The session worked pretty well, until the four started to enter the god-tiers, because of the insensate hate Amelia had for Yan, she just started to screw everything up, starting on negligence to entering the god-tier, and so, Yan forced her, which worsened her hate for him. In the latter time, she just started screwing more and more the session, first not fighting her denizen, then, disturbing Yan's missions with her time travels. After a while, he decided that she should stop, but, because she was too sassy for doing so, he decided to kill her. She didn't revived, showing that it was either Heroic or Just death. After the session was completed, Yan and Karen revealed their intentions was to just retrieve the ultimate reward just later, when they've sorted some of their problems. Jonhes then decided to help them and didn't retrieved the ultimate reward.

Session Players
Name Moon Role Specie
Yan Prospit Page of SpaceSpace symbol Demon
Karen Prospit Maid of TimeTimegodtier Angel
Jonhes Derse Knight of HopeHopeoutline Human
Amelia Derse Thief of RageRage Human

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