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A session consisting of 6 trolls, Kaskes Rauent, Rayine Aprell, Karraq Harket, Taille Willia, Malikk Rirron, and their leader, Grehok Nurkil.

Basic Storyline Edit

Their adventure begins with the discovery of a set of decayed computer disks which Karraq then makes 5 copies of with one of his spells. One set is then sloppily distributed to each of the 6 members and they begin playing, starting with Grehok, then Taille, Malikk, Kaskes, Rayine, and ending with Karraq. They play the game as usual until they stumble upon a new troll in their mediums known as Gretel Hurent. The story line then switches to Gretel in the past with his session and his friends, leading to him being separated and joining the SCARB session. Along with this, they encounter problems such as Karraq being possessed - becoming a hell-spawn, or Grehok constantly getting high off various brush-spawned substances.

Behind the Fourth Wall/Credits Edit

Christian A. - Creator, Head Writer, Lead Artist, Animator, Created Grehok Nurkil

Nicholas D. - Co-Writer +Comedy Writer, Weapon Designer, Created Karraq Harket

Jessica P. - Co-Writer, Proofreader, Artist, Created Rayine Aprell

Dylan M. - Co-Writer, Created Kaskes Rauent

Taylor W. - Created Taille Willia

Shannon/Shay J. - Created Malikk Rirron

Bret M. - Writer of Act 3 Intermissions, Artist, Created Gretel Hurent

Hivebent: The Fate of Two Sessions will be available on youtube once we finish the act 3 script. After that we will juggle between writing an act and animating/voice acting it.

Our youtube channel where let's plays, podcasts, and most importantly, our let's reads will appear.

If for whatever odd reason you decide you want to e-mail us, send your message to

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