Desere Falcra




لديك أي فكرة عن كيفية متبول أنا!!<*>


Sylph of Breath

Screen Name


Typing Style

Uses Arabic in regular speech, also SKRAAAAAWS like a falcon.


Eye of Horus

Strife Specibi



Falconmom (Lusus)

Gallen Pavcri (Moirail)

Your name is DESERE FALCRA, and you're wishing for a MIRACLE.

Miracle, you say?Edit

Let's back up a little.

You are DESERE FALCRA, PRINCESS OF THE SANDS. You're not really a princess, that's just a title you've given yourself. A YELLOWBLOOD like you could never be a princess! Your hive is situated near the ruins of an ANCIENT CIVILIZATION, where queens and princesses ruled for sweeps. These trolls once had an increased RESISTANCE TO THE SUN, but this trait has long since been BRED OUT.

You enjoy ROMAING THE RUINS, pretending the fallen stones are your loyal subjects. You occasionally find ARTIFACTS, giving you more hints about the ancients lived. In turn, you ADAPT YOUR LIFESTYLE somewhat to match theirs. Additionally, you having taken a liking to KHOPESHKIND, and enjoy the little GIFTS you MOIRAIL sends you from the CITY. He's so good to you.

Though, despite him supporting you out here, you wish that he would RESCUE YOU. You love the desert, but it gets LONELY, being isolated. You've tried traversing the desert, but the sun always rises before you can get far enough away. Whenever you breach the subject to your moirail, he seems to DISAPPEAR. But that's okay, he's a busy guy. Sometimes, you send out your FALCON LUSUS to look for other civilizations. She never finds any.

Your trolltag is saharanMatriarch and you sometimes slip into لغة القدماء.<**>


Desere is very independent and headstrong. Even though she receives supplies and help from her moirail, that's only because she can't get it herself. She taught herself how to fight, and to survive in the desert.

She is very naive and trusting, because of her lack of social learning. She isn't aware that her moirail is deliberately keeping her trapped in the desert; he mainly uses her for artifacts and to brag about how he has her trapped.

Her most vulnerable point is her blood status. She knows she's not a real princess, but it's become such a large part of her personality that she's offended when someone calls her out on it.


<**>: the language of the ancients.

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