Knitri Hemhok


Knitri Hemhok



i really don't understand that rOmantic fetisch


Heir of Light

Screen Name


Typing Style

always use capital O's, with all the ponctuatiOn, sOmetimes he dOes sOme grmmatical errOrs


Triangle of Culinir

Strife Specibi

Pen Kind

Fetch Modus



Land of Beauty and Rage


Matesprit ♥

Flushed crush/Ex matesprit: Puhji Doind

Moirail ♦

Humnia Sareri

Auspistice ♣


Kismesis ♠

Uniani Humigres

Swap to the one without the his lususEdit

Knitri is what you could call a perfect leader, he knows various strategies to make his subordinates happy, but not relaxed enough to not make as he says, his manners, however is a topic to be discussed. He never was someone who you would like to be an enemy of, since he is indeed strong enough to kill you with a simple pen. He is full of mysteries which he only tell to Humnia, and sometimes, to his Kismesis, Uniani.

He was never someone who valgloriated about his blood color, since most of his friends are higher in the hemospectrum. The only one he really picked about that was Uniani, until he discovered a secret about him, since then, they became Kismesis.

His sign resembles the symbol of the Culinir faction, the main and most important faction of all, ruled by the higher of the highest bloods there are. Anyone baring it's sign is destined to be the perfect leader of it's group or society.

Session Troll Players
Name Moon Role
Uniani Humigres Prospit Knight of DoomDoom Symbol
Nyua Sadioha Derse Sylph of LifeLife Symbol
Kjui Yuju Prospit Page of VoidVoid9
Humnia Sareri Derse Maid of SpaceSpace symbol
Tenia Junhi Prospit Rougue of TimeTime
Tuniah Soati Derse Bard of HopeHopeoutline
Puhji Doind Prospit Witch of HeartHeart symbol
Loik Surti Derse Seer of RageRage Symbol
Fuhi Soati Prospit Thief of MindMindthing
Iuyti Garinze Derse Mage of Blood 32px-Blood
Surioko Thuist Prospit Prince of Breath Breath symbol
Knitri Hemhok Derse Heir of Light Light2

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