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Pupudo Marnet

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Pupudo Marnet



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Land of Thread and Divinity (LOTAD)


Replaces "e" with "HEE", no capitals.

Pupudo Marnet, also known by her Trollian handle satinPretender, is one of the trolls. Her shirt symbol Is the logo for Folkmanis Inc., a, Earth company that makes puppets of various types. Her first name, Pupudo, is a combination of "pupa" (Latin: puppet) and "udo" (Latin: Sock) So, her first name loosly means "Sock puppet". Her last name, Marnet, is based off of the word "marionette", another type of Puppet. Her typing quirk involves replacing the letter "e" with "HEE" and typing in all lowercase, making the HEEs very pronounced. This is a reference to Lil Cal, yet another puppet.


Pupudo has apparently been through a lot of psychological terror. Early in her life, her lusus was killed in a freak accident that she never talks about, either beccause it haunts her too much, or because she doesn't remember it that well, if at all. In this accident, however, she gained not only psychic powers, but also several subconcious personalities that she has not control over. These subcouncious personalities seem to be the gainers of these psychic abilities, and because of that (maybe,) these personalities are supposedly split from her main being/ personality and communicate with her via various specific sock puppets (that she doesn't remember making. Go figure.) These puppets are often regarded by her as "convenient, but also kind of annoying to deal with".


Pupudo is a quirky but friendly little girl that most others shy away from on account of her seeming to be just plain weird. As said, she is very friendly to others and will openly talk to other people that she doesn't know. She seems to know things about other people before she ever talks to them, and this is apparently brought about by advice given by her Sock Personalities. Unbeknownst to her, apparently, she can often get her whole body "possessed" by an alt. personality at any time. When this occurs, she types in all capital letters and no other quirks.


Pupudo doesn't seem to dabble much in relationships and, in fact, weirds people out more often than not.


Pupudo's Lusus was apparently a white snake-like creature with black stripes, somewhat reminiscent to her current lusus, which is just another of her subconscious personalities possessing a particularly grumpy sock puppet. This puppet seems to have the most prominent psychic abilities, being able to throw furniture across the room or even use mind control on Pupudo herself. Pupudo claims to be very nervous in it's presence, claiming it to be "Wild and unpredictable, like a living temper tantrum", which her previous lusus was as well.
Pupudo Marnet(LUSUS)