Tenia Junhi






Yuo knuw, sumitimes I miss yuo, but them I get locid again.


Rogue of Time

Screen Name


Typing Style

Types U's fur O's and vice-versa.


Rukina's Stripes

Strife Specibi

Kunai Kind

Fetch Modus



Land of Lava and Gears


Matesprit ♥

Fuhi Soati

Moirail ♦

Puhji Doind

Auspistice ♣

Surioko Thuist to Her and Uniani Humigres

Kismesis ♠


RK: please... don't swap to tenia... oh, fucK.Edit

One of the most bossy and sassy of all the team, even if she is very low on the hemospectrum (which she doesn't give a shit about). She once had a Matespritship with Uniani, but she screw up everything. Something you expect from an eccentric ninja. Her interests goes around about this things, ninjas and pop culture. As Uniani, she found a way to learn about humans and their culture.

Her sign resembles the symbol of the Rukina Faction, one whose was responsible from most attacks against the Empress in the long 30 sweeps her Empire was on. Anyone baring this sign is destined to be great "Shadow Dwellers", which means Ninjas in general.

Session Troll Players
Name Moon Role
Uniani Humigres Prospit Knight of DoomDoom Symbol
Nyua Sadioha Derse Sylph of LifeLife Symbol
Kjui Yuju Prospit Page of VoidVoid9
Humnia Sareri Derse Maid of SpaceSpace symbol
Tenia Junhi Prospit Rougue of TimeTime
Tuniah Soati Derse Bard of HopeHopeoutline
Puhji Doind Prospit Witch of HeartHeart symbol
Loik Surti Derse Seer of RageRage Symbol
Fuhi Soati Prospit Thief of MindMindthing
Iuyti Garinze Derse Mage of Blood 32px-Blood
Surioko Thuist Prospit Prince of Breath Breath symbol
Knitri Hemhok Derse Heir of Light Light2

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