Niskom Sikkar

Niskom Sikkar



Blood Color

Tan (#979940)


Making numerous references to fire, typing with 0s

Strife Specibus


Fetch Modus

Armory Modus



>Be the Pyromaniacal MercenaryEdit

Your name is Niskov Sikkar.

You are a HITMAN, a MERCENARY, and consider yourself to be one of the most VIOLENT, BLOODTHIRSTY TROLLS ON THE FACE OF ALTERNIA. You get excited at the thought of torturing, murdering, burning, or otherwise BRUTALIZING any living thing, but mostly OTHER TROLLS. For the most part, you enjoy BURNING THINGS; you think you are a bit of a PYROMANIAC. You basically HATE every other troll in existence, and have killed many of your kind out of anger, frustration, or mainly just because you FELT LIKE IT. You are very good at what you do, and are always eager to SELL YOUR SERVICES to the highest bidder, whomever they may be, just so you can get PAID TO KILL. Due to the violent, backstabbing nature of most trolls, this has been quite the PROFITABLE LIFESTYLE for you.

As a pyromaniac, you tend to favor the FLAMETHROWERKIND strife specibus. You've named your favorite flamethrower BURNSY MCGEE. You think there's nothing wrong with naming weapons and other items; in fact, you name ALL OF YOUR WEAPONS. You keep most of your weapons at your HIVE, though you carry around many of them in your ARMORY fetch modus. This is your favorite modus, as it grants you an INFINITE INVENTORY CAPACITY, allowing you to carry as MANY WEAPONS AS YOU WANT, and no restrictions on when you may use them. There is only one drawback; you may carry only objects that can be CONSIDERED DEADLY WEAPONS. So far, you've had minimal problems with this drawback, as you have no mind to carry anything that can't KILL SOMEBODY; however, the fact that you can captalogue a simple PENCIL, yet not PAPER, is something that irritates you sometimes.

>Examine HiveEdit

Your hive is relatively small, even for a low-blooded troll such as yourself. Your RESPITEBLOCK is very neat and organized, consisting of only a recuperacoon, a desk with a computer on it, and THE BLOOD OF EVERY TROLL YOU HAVE EVER KILLED, organized in a neat little BLOODCLOUD CHART. You are very proud of your ARTWORD MADE FROM YOUR VICTIMS, and like to keep track of your total SMITE RECORD. Saying that makes you realize that you are a VERY MESSED UP TROLL.

>Examine TriviaEdit

  • Niskov's name is a pun on communism, and Sikkar is a pun on the word sickle, which is one-half the symbol of communism.

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