Cretan Heater
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how d~are you spew such vile words in my genera~l direction! ill ha~ve you know tha~t if you ha~d sa~id the sa~me thing to a~nyone else of my blood ca~ste you could ha~ve been culled in a~n insta~nt!


7 Sweeps (15 Earth Years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Uses a tilde (~) at the end of the letter A. Uses no punctuation besides from the question mark (?) and the exclamation mark (!)

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

The Firewall


Demolition, fire, horror films, flarping, dragons.


DragonLand Black Stone Keep Sailing To War

Be the ever so dapper troll boy.Edit

For the time being you have now switched to this fine looking troll, his name is CRETAN HEATER and is a proud member of the cerulean blood caste. You like to think that you know pretty much everything that your average troll might need to know on a day to day basis although this is FAR FROM THE TRUTH. You like to spend most of your days watching SPOOKY ASS HORROR FILMS and FLARPING, your flarping mainly consists of finding other trolls and blowing up their hives, so far you have yet to find anyone who can complain about this because they almost always end up dying in the blast.

Your trolltag is scorchingEscutcheon and you spea~k in a~ sa~rca~stic a~nd condescending voice beca~use everyone else you know ca~n be so very simple minded a~t times

Examine your Hive.Edit

Although you do have the slightest fondness for architecture you've had a much larger passion for blowing it up. From a very young age you knew this, this is why you decided to make your Hive resemble a abandoned and destroyed building, this has played a very large part in hiding from other trolls who may try and hurt you. Underneath the seemingly empty ruins lay the many different rooms and floors of your hive, you like to think that every room has a purpose and that no room should be left empty. Your hive sits at the edge of a large forest where your morail lives inside, the reason for this location as your hive was once again for a easy place to hide from other trolls.

Because of all the trouble you cause people you like to take your security very seriously, there are many large metal doors throughout your hive, these give you for the most part the ability to relax without worrying that someone may find you and attack you.

(You decide to stare at the rest of the blank page, its pretty obvious that more will be up soon and you can't wait.)

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