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Is unconditionally omniscient and omnipotent within Roguestuck.


SOR, The Creator, The Writer

Introduction Edit

Are you kidding me? I'm the Author. I don't have to introduce myself.

Get back to the story already.

Personality Edit

The Author is rather testy, impatient, and, for the most part, uncompromising. She is used to being in complete control, and is not above throwing something of a tantrum if this control is taken away from her. She does have a tendency to grow extremely attached to the characters that she creates, however, and as such, has a very hard time killing them when the time comes.

She takes great pride in her work. In fact, writing stories is one of her only joys in life.

Biography Edit

The Author existed long before Roguestuck. Not much is known about her life before she started writing Roguestuck, but it has been said that she authored a series of books.

She first appeared in Roguestuck to make a crappy pun about a series of panels. Her second appearance was later in the story, when she playfully criticized the Narrator for taking too long to explain the Sibling Bonds.

The first time she appeared in human form was just after then end of Act 1, but before Intermission 1 began. She had left the Narrator in charge of coloring the end of act curtains, and disliked his choice of color. After having him change it a few times, she finally gave up, and had him start the first intermission. After the opening intermission curtains, she stopped by one last time to complain about their color as well, remarking that 'The show must go on, even if the curtains look fucking stupid'. She made a reappearance towards the end of the first intermission to break up a conversation between Anise Fels and the Narrator.

Her next appearance was at the beginning of the second intermission, when she intervened to stop Raleigh and Veradane Fels from holding up the comic while they debated whether or not the story contained plot holes.

Trivia Edit

  • IRL, the Author actually did write a series of books
  • Veradane Fels was originally intended to be the Author's in-comic self, but grew to play too large a part in the story. The Author decided to create a different avatar.
  • All the characters in the Fels family are loosely based off members of the Author's IRL Family.

Gallery Edit

  • The Author's first appearance in Roguestuck.
  • The Author was quite dissatisfied with the color of the curtains.
  • On 7/27, Roguestuck celebrates it's birthday.