Serrec Demett
This is absolut3ly stupid.


Seer of Space


6 sweeps

Screen Name


Screen Name


Typing Style

Uses punctuation and capitalization, replaces e with 3



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus


Lives in

A rather large tree home with a green house base


Literature, Plants/Gardening, Sewing


Fire, Weeds,


Your name is Serrec Demett

You are of the rare blood caste of Jade Green, and you seem to be quite happy. You normally spend your time outside in the large forest collecting flowers and herbs to take back to your hive where you plant them in your greenhouse. Other then collecting exotic plants, you love sewing, although you aren't good at it but you can only try! You also like to fancy in reading any sort of drama. You have bookshelves filled with the finest dramatic literatures known, or so you think anyways. Other then drama you also like the horror genre, and you have a fond love for rainbow drinkers. One day you might get the guts to taste some blood.

Your lusus is a rather large venus flytrap, and it uses it's large roots to 'walk' 

around. He is far over protective but means well! He also enjoys coming along on your expeditions into the woods.

You consider yourself humble and kind, though most could consider you a tad annoying, especially when you are pestering everyone all day long.

Your Trollhandle is astuteGardener and You sp3ak in a mann3r most would consid3r 3l3gant.


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  • Serrec is 'ceres' spelled backwards, her astrological sign.
  • Demett is an abbrievation for Demetre, the Greek Goddess (a.k.a Ceres)


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