Serota Symbol
Serota Oreneg
Heart Symbol

Serota Oreneg

Serota Oreneg (Cloakless)

Serota Oreneg (Glasses)

Serota Oreneg (Dream)

Serota Oreneg (God Tier)

Serota grub

The Notifier

but s3riously, wouldn't that b3 th3 cool3st???


Mage of Heart


6 sweeps (13 years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces 'e' with 3, doesn't capitalise, and triples exclamation points & question marks.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Zardap Adabra - Moirail
The Empathic - Ancestor
Sagica Oreneg - Dancestor
The Notifier- Inverted Self
Bun-Bun - Lusus/Sprite
Nomadic Maunderer - Exile


Land of Gatherings and Notes


Sci-Fi/Horror Movies, Notes, Barkbeasts




Your name is SEROTA ORENEG.

You have a few uninteresting INTERESTS, but you're most passionate about SCI-FI/HORROR MOVIES. You also take a strange-liking to WATCHING OTHERS, observing their behaviors for rather pointless NOTES and such. Pointless to you, at least, for they help your MOIRAIL try and figure out how to "wow the crowd!". You've occasionally been asked about what you aspire to be, to which you answer: PERSONAL ASSISTANT OF HER IMPERIAL CONDESCENSION. It'll never happen, you know, but a girl can dream can't she? Until then, you must settle for being your moirail’s assistant.

Your trolltag is unbearablySloven and you ar3 r3ally hyp3r wh3n you talk!!!

The EmpathicEdit

The Empathic is the post-scratch version of Sagica Oreneg, as Serota's Ancestor she was an hermit who travelled around Alternia and eventually stopped for some time to help people about matters of quadrants (this mirrors her Seer of Heart title), but one day she was captured by the highbloods who constricted her to become some kind of "pleasure slave", after some time she tried to escape from this life but she was reached by the highbloods and culled.

The NotifierEdit

The Notifier is the pre-scratch version of Serota Oreneg, as Sagica's Ancestor she was some kind of "watcher" who notified all the kind of rebellion signals to the TORTUREOFFICERS (this mirrors her attitude to note everything), but then after seeing what kind of torture the prisoners received, she decided to leave her job, and she started to cheer up the people who lost their matesprits/moirails because of her until her death (this mirrors her Mage of Heart title)

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