Yolana listan
Well that wass completely freaking pointlessss. Anyone elsssse feel like wassting my gogdamn time today?


Yolana Listan



Typing quirk:

Elongates S and V. Gets worse with heightened emotions.

Blood caste:

Dark red.


Symbol for Jupiter.

Strife specibus:

Pistolkind, X2bladekind

Enter Name.Edit

Your name is YOLANA LISTAN. For about FOUR SWEEPS, you've been wandering throughout ALTERNIA, in search of FANTASTIC STORIES to record in your NOTEBOOK. You abandoned your HIVE at a very young age, after witnessing your LUSUS' HORRIBLE MURDER at the hand of some PSYCHOTIC HIGHBLOOD, and opted instead to live the life of a WANDERING VAGRANT. You love staying in the HIVES of RECENTLY CULLED TROLLS, mostly because they almost always have a RECUPERACOON, the one LUXURY you miss from your OLD HIVE, but also because it is easy to piece together the STORIES of the TROLLS who once inhabited them. Sometimes they even leave their HUSKTOPS open, so you can ask the people who knew them who they were. It's actually quite interesting.

Theoretically, you suppose, you could use your FREAKY PSYCHIC POWERS, which grant you the POWER to READ MINDS and WHISPER SUGGESTIONS into the MINDS OF OTHERS, to find you STORIES more easily and efficiently, but where would the fun be in that, hmm? Half the fun is finding the STORIES, anyway.

...Plus, you powers kind of SCARE YOU. The VOICES used to be so LOUD, you could barely shut them out. Eventually you just suppressed your POWERS altogether. You're not sure if you still have them, and you're honestly not sure if you want to FIND OUT.

You are also very interested in ROLEPLAYING GAMES, especially more HARDCORE games such as FLARP, which you're VERY GOOD AT. You've even done some CAMPAIGN DESIGNING for FLARP to pick up some extra MONEY when you've needed it. Wandering doesn't pay well.

Your trolltag is solarExtinguisher, and you ssspeak with a bit of a vvenomouss tone, which getsss worssssssse when you are upssssssssssssssssset.

Examine Hive.Edit

You can't examine your HIVE. What, are you STUPID or something? Weren't you listening? You don't have a HIVE.

Examine Self.Edit

You're a bit MESSY, you'll admit. That HAIR is pretty messy, and you can't remember the last time you brushed it, that SCARF is RATTY but FUNCTIONAL, and that SKIRT can hardly be counted as a SKIRT anymore. But hey, you're out here, ROUGHIN' IT, and yes, that is ROUGHIN' IT with a dropped G, which is a lot cooler than ROUGHING IT, so you're still doing PRETTY WELL, considering. You think PRETTY HIGHLY of yourself. You're the COOLEST PERSON YOU KNOW, but then again, considering you don't know that many people, that's not exactly saying much. You're not very good with PEOPLE, and you tend to come off as SARCASTIC or RUDE when you're just JOKING AROUND.

Allocate Strife Specibus.Edit

You're currently using PISTOLKIND, which is exactly what it sounds like. It's a GUN. Not exactly FLASHY, but it sure as hell WORKS. You've got pretty good AIM, too. For HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT, you've got X2BLADEKIND, which are your DUAL BLADES. You're deadly with these, and they're just about as FLASHY as a WEAPON can get. You can literally make your enemies EXPLODE with your BLADES. You've had a lot of PRACTICE, considering you've had to fend for yourself since you were THREE SWEEPS OLD. You pretty much RULE.

Examine Modus.Edit

You are currently using the DRAMA MODUS, which only gives you your ITEMS when having said ITEM would lead to a DRAMATIC MOMENT. You're very careful not to captchalogue any FOOD ITEMS, as it will only give them back when you are ALMOST DEAD FROM STARVATION.

Do something cool.Edit

...You know what? Why the hell not.

You've been hiding out in some POOR CULLED FOOL'S HIVE for about HALF A PERIGREE now. Unfortunately, his LUSUS doesn't know he's DEAD. This LUSUS is a particularly NASTY and STUPID breed of BEAR, and you figure that DIPLOMACY will have very little effect on it. You can HEAR IT, off in the DISTANCE. Yes, that's definitely it crashing through the TREES.

You draw your DUAL BLADES, and prepare for COMBAT.



The BEAR sees you, smells the BLOOD of its CHARGE still stuck to the walls from the troll's CULLING, and ATTACKS, leaping at you HEAD ON. You're ready for him, though, and FASTER than he is by far, so you DODGE out of his way nimbly.

In the second it takes for him to recover from his CHARGE, you're already on him, slashing at his THROAT ferociously. GREEN BLOOD pours from his OPEN WOUND, but he's too TOUGH to let that slow him down. Your ATTACK brought you too close for comfort--you weren't expecting him to SURVIVE that attack--and he swings his GIANT CLAWS at your HEAD! You manage to DODGE the ATTACK, but he still grazes your CHEEK. DEEP RED BLOOD rises to the surface, and you wipe it off with your hand, stunned. He hurt you. He made you bleed.

He needs to DIE.

You're not FUCKING AROUND now. Your GRIP on your WEAPONS tightens, and you prepare one of your MOST POTENT ATTACKS. You grin, and let loose FURY OF ONE THOUSAND BLADES!

You're not exactly sure what happens during your ATTACK. It's all a bit of a BLUR. But you do know that all that is left of your OPPONENT is a SMOKING CRATER.

Yeah. You pretty much RULE.

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