Ailbhe Gudrun




Green (Hex #00CD66, RGB 0 204 102)

Typing quirk

Capitalizes U MAD on consecutive words. Ends every sentence in periods, except questions. CAPSLOCK FOR EXCITEMENT.


Futhorc "Ing" ᛝ

Fetch Modus


Strife Specibus



Your name is AILBHE GUDRUN

You're a young troll with QUITE A NUMBER OF INTERESTS but very little MOTIVATION TO FOLLOW THEM THROUGH. This leaves you with LOTS OF PLANS BUT NOT A LOT OF ACTUAL ACCOMPLISHMENT. This has also left your home and work-spaces UNORGANIZED AND CLUTTERED WITH HALF-FINISHED JUNK that you should really clean up, but instead just cycle out with NEW JUNK. YOUR CUSTODIAN IS NO HELP, HIS HANDS ARE AXES. You like to DRAW, although you are ADMITTEDLY SHITTY AT IT and often ABANDON WORKS HALFWAY THROUGH. You used to enjoy GAMES OF PHYSICAL CHALLENGE, but location and physical difficulties have effectively severed this. You greatly enjoy GAMES based on KILLING THINGS MUCH LARGER THAN YOURSELF WITH SKILL AND PATIENCE, as the ADRENALINE RUSH OF THE VICTORY OVER A SUPERIOR ENEMY IN SINGLE COMBAT WITH NOTHING BUT YOUR OWN ABILITIES TO RELY ON excites you like no other. You often need to lie down afterwards, as this does quite a tole on you. You don't really care for CERTAIN ROLEPLAYING GAMES, as there is TOO MUCH MATH, NOT ENOUGH ACTION. You have a BAT you use as a BLUNT MULTIPURPOSE TOOL, mostly for SPLITTING OPEN HEADS THAT NEED CRACKING. You find this is a VERY PROMINENT USE.

You have a PSYCHOLOGICAL WEAKNESS for picking up and adapting the moods and tones of those around you, but NEVER THEIR QUIRKS. This is an adaptation for SOCIAL INADEQUACIES, although it does afford you CERTAIN FLEXIBILITIES despite the FORCED NATURE of it. Deep down you view all social interactions as a GAME/CHALLENGE, and the desire to win, whatever that means with each conversation, is a GOAL THAT FUELS YOUR ENTIRE BEING. You are KIND OF STUBBORN, and can be SOMETHING OF A BULLY SOMETIMES. You often make reference to ANATOMICAL PARTS THAT MAY OR MAY NOT BE NATIVE TO YOUR GENDER when feeling PARTICULARLY HOTBLOODED. You tend to START CONVERSATIONS WITH UNRELATED STATEMENTS INSTEAD OF GREETINGS. When your peers fail to meet their own standards, you become INCREASINGLY PREDATORY UPON THEM. Your trolltag is solecisticTitan, and you speak in a manner that is rather monotonous EVEN IN BOUTS OF EXCITEMENT, with a hidden patronizing tone that only shows if yoU MADe yourself go out of your way to do so.